The Worlds Greatest Historian's

By Alan Hassell

(c) 3/6/2003 all rights reserved.

There are few geniuses in this world and when one is found instead of being recognized for his/her abilities for some reason they seldom achieve the status and recognition they deserve in life that they get when they are dead.

Take Beethoven, Elgar or Einstein for example they were all geniuses in their own way and are all recognized for their achievements to mankind but they are all dead.

There's another who is undoubtedly a genius in his own right but instead of being as such certain politicians and others attempt to slander and libel him for his revelations that will mean the entire British and English Histories will have to be re-written.

This person, believe it or not has not only filled in many area's of the historical period known as the Dark Age, he has thoroughly research it in order to find out the mysteries of that particular period of time.

Alan Wilson was born in Cardiff, Wales about 1932. He lived in Wales most of his life and was educated at Cardiff University where he took a degree in Economics and History and also managed to study archaeology for two years and passed the exams.

Alan used his Economics qualification to work in Industry Although History was his favorite subject and still is. He achieved managerial status and worked as an international consultant in heavy engineering and shipbuilding. Not designing but in the areas of organization and master planning.

He was the Swedish" consultant sent into the Upper Clyde shipyards in 1972 to Master plan the reconstruction after the Workers staged a famous work-in by barricading themselves in the yards and continuing to work whilst preventing the management from entering.

It was actually insurrection and the army should have gone in, but we don't have revolutions in Britain, and so he was sent from Harland & Woolf in Belfast where he was attempting a similar task with 94 industrial engineers and work study staff working for him.

He never ever got the slightest recognition for the Govan-Glasgow effort, and in Labour Governed Britain the two Communists who caused the trouble at the Upper Clyde Shipyards became media celebrities, ( James Reid in particular), but the guy who sorted it all out was of course Alan Wilson who was ignored.

Alan later worked in Italy on the complete rebuilding of the Riva Trigoso Warship Yards which were redesigned to build the Lupo Class of destroyers and a large class of Frigates. Alan was later transferred to Ancona where he Master planned another near total reconstruction to build Panamax ships - = maximum size ship that can go through the Panama Canal.

Alan was skilled in organizing thousands of men in dozens of departments and in dozens of trades and industries using millions of man-hours and a huge variety of machinery and tools and services, - to get the desired result.

Baram Blackett talked to me about this and saw that the same techniques could be used to tackle British Ancient History and in particular the question of "King Arthur".

About 1950 Alan started to take an interest in his own history and in doing so started a long slow process of evolution that would take him all the way back to the Dark Ages and eventually King Arthur. At first he was on his own visiting his libraries in Cardiff delving into books in search of the truth about the legendary King.

In fact he became a regular visitor and was always on the lookout for old rare manuscripts that he used as references. One day he realized that someone else was looking for the same books as he was, that person was Baram Blackett who was told by the librarian that Alan had the book he was seeking.

Baram introduced himself to Alan and as a result decided to pool their efforts in order to speed up things. Alan was skilled in organizing thousands of men in dozens of departments and in dozens of trades using millions of man hours and a huge variety of machinery and tools and services, - to get the desired result.

Baram Blackett talked to me about this and saw that the same techniques could be used to tackle British Ancient History and in particular the question of "King Arthur". They used modern Industrial methods to deal with Historical problems. As John Morris of Oxford wrote, roughly, "the problem is not a lack of evidence and record in Britain, but instead there is too much of it." The academics are not trained or skilled enough in data handling and organization to do this type of massive exercise.

Whenever a particular site was mentioned Alan & Baram would go along and investigate the site to make sure of its authenticity and correctness. If they were to write The British Histories as it actually happened he wanted to 100% correct and would ensure nothing was left for error.

Baram Blackett has the clearest and most uncomplicated uncluttered mind Alan has ever encountered. He is the great organizer, and the wonder record keeper, and he rarely ever gets sidetracked.

Without Baram there would be never have been the King Arthur Project. As their work progressed they came upon what they recognized as the oldest church in Britain called St.Peter's.

In fact this church was so important and vital to their research that they went out and bought it for themselves and it's registered in his name.

This church alone makes a mockery of Anglo Saxon claims that they introduced religion into Briton around 600 A.D.

One can imagine the anger and fury that developed once the church had sold the shell of an old ruin they no longer had any interest in, only to find out that its history dated back to AD 35-36.

It's almost a laughable situation in that St.Peter's the oldest church in Christendom was sold off as if it were a piece of useless junk.

Alan did arrange for an archaeological dig to take place but the slowness of the work and the weather eventually defeated their efforts to find Arthur, who they believed was buried within its walls.

As their work progressed in the search and quest for the truth about King Arthur, which was, funded entirely out of their own pockets without the help of government grants or anything thing else, they started to write their books in order to raise money to fund their project.

Being Welsh and Proud to be British Alan and Baram had deluded themselves into believing that if they could associate Wales as being the true Kingdom in which King Arthur was Born, lived, ruled and died they would open up the floodgates to tourism bringing much needed capitol into Wales.

ALL British History, Heritage and culture was officially dumped and abandoned around 1840-1860 and we have two fanatical Christian fundamentalists to thank for this holocaust of our national heritage in Bishop Stubbs of Oxford and Edwin Guest of Cambridge, They invented Anglo-Saxonism, and destroyed all ancient British heritages in a deliberate campaign of Political and Religious Correctness.

The sad thing is that the politicians and the church place themselves above and beyond reproach and assume they are far more important than the true history of Wales and the Kingdoms of not only King Arthur but also many of the Kings who ruled before him.

The willful and wanton destruction of the monument to the night of the long knives is an example of the contempt these individuals show for Welsh History. It's a miracle they did write for inside the covers of the books they wrote is the real truth about Briton's history not the cock and bull Anglo Saxon lies, deceit and misinformation's that some individuals would like you to believe.

Throughout time and history, for some strange reason god only knows what, certain people have stolen King Arthur's name and legend never thinking that one day there would be a day of reckoning when the truth would finally be revealed.

Back in 1988, I was about to return to Australia after trying to research the Arthurian legend myself. I fell for all the crap I was being fed about Glastonbury and Cadbury Hill not to mention other sites that had no claim whatsoever to being a part of Arthur's Kingdom.

Alan had published the book Artorious Rex re-discovered. Its cover had a photograph of Baram Blackett kneeling and himself holding up King Arthur's burial stone, his monument and the one thing that was tangible proof of Arthur's existence as a real person.

One would think or like to think that for his efforts in bringing to light all his revelations that he would have been awarded a PHD, a professorship or even a knighthood.

By exposing and revealing the truth about King Arthur all Alan got was violations of his human rights by being labeled as a crank.

Alan had upset someone in high places who now used his power in an attempt to discredit him in any way possible Instead of the respect he rightly deserved all he got was abuse, slanders and libels.

A smear campaign that once started can take a long time to dispel wrongful accusations. At one stage he was arrested for breaking and entering his own church and stealing historical artifacts.

He claims a police record was fabricated for him in which he had committed so many crimes even being a murder suspect. Eventually it turned out that another person was being used by members of the police to create a false criminal record against Alan Wilson for dubious reasons and reduce hi credibility.

Despite all these distractions Alan continued his research One day he was approached by a person who told Alan about an asteroid or meteor which had struck Britain in 562 A.D. and caused widespread damage.

It had struck with a force of several nuclear devices much like the one that struck Siberia in the 1908. This is basically the time when a great plague appeared and nothing grew, it was also a when large numbers of the population died or were overcome by the effects of a plague but was in fact a comet, meteor or asteroid hitting Briton.

By simple deduction and methodically examining many documents Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett were able to find out the truth about the true Briton's.

Who they were and where they came from originally. They were able to trace the whole family tree's back through time simply by understanding what had been written by the roman and early writers, who would have written things to suit their leaders but much of it was true.

Rome had a close association with Wales once certain Kings married the daughters of the Roman Emperors. The Romans did occupy parts of Wales that is true not as conquerors, but as guests trading and passing on much of their knowledge.

Caesar's attempts to conquer Briton ended in defeat for him and he left with his back to his enemies the Briton's. So it is written, so it is documented and proven.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett had not only produced one book but also several other's each capable of earning the author's a PhD.

They had broken down language barriers in translating the Coelbran alphabet and were able to translate stones found in burial sites situated in many parts of Wales. By visiting many churchyards they were able to find out exactly who was buried in each church until one day they finally found that one piece of tangible evidence that everyone had been waiting to see.

The memorial stone of King Arthur himself. Having proved that, one would think the Oxford Cambridge Establishment or even Britain would be jumping for joy having found the most tangible bit of evidence that Arthur existed and had been buried in Britain.


Sadly no, the famous Oxford and Cambridge Academic Circus of Comedians for some reason declared the stone to be fake and that the engravings on the stone were of the wrong type and style.

Maybe its not so much as the stone being a fake as the credentials of the idiots who attempt to make such ridiculous statements that leaves the credibility of these clowns and court jester's very much in doubt.

Maybe these fat cats who are paid large salaries doing sweet Fanny Adams spending large sums of public money on expensive digs at places like Cadbury hill which was not part of Arthur's kingdom fear that if the truth were known their highly paid positions they enjoy would become vacant because of the disclosures.

Maybe if the truth were really known why they still refuse to accept there was a Britain just as it states on every Roman Coin found in the Britain makes one wonder if are they trying to hide something still?

Alan being the great man he is, took me to a few of the sites he found whilst researching Arthur.

What I felt and what I actually saw for myself is truly amazing. As you know most historical sites in most Countries are protected by law from being vandalized and robbed.

This is law and it applies to most countries throughout the world. All countries like to protect their heritage and history, not so in Britain.

Wales and its historical departments are a WORLD WIDE DISGRACE for not only do they neglect them, they allow Government bodies such as the ORDNANCE SURVEY DEPARTMENT to desecrate them by placing a two maybe three ton markers smack bang in the middle of the monument to the night of the long knives.


Historical Site's vandalized by England's own Maronic & Stupid Authorities

Not satisfied that the center of the mound had sunk owing to the weight of this concrete block causing unnecessary damage. They decided to replace it with another, adding even more weight and instead of removing the old one, dumping it several yards away causing even more damage.

Willful destruction and desecration of Britain's sacred monuments to the dead

I always thought survey markers had by law, to be placed at the top of the highest point, not half way up a mountain as this one clearly is.

The contempt, desecration and destruction of the graves of these Britons is inexcusable and show what disrespect these individuals have for those that fought to keep Briton free from the Anglo Saxons.

Vortigern better known as King Gwytheyrn had invited the Anglo Saxons to Britain to act as mercenaries when they were finally asked to leave fighting broke out.

Eventually a truce was made and all the leaders would attend a great feast to celebrate the peace. It was agreed that all parties would go unarmed, which the Britons complied with the condition and went unarmed.

However the treacherous Anglo Saxons hid their long knives in the tops of their boots. On a given signal when the kings had drank their fill of ale and were inebriated enough the Saxon leader gave a signal and 386 British Kings, Nobles, and warriors were slaughtered.

Vortigern was spared only because he was married to the Saxon leader Hengist's daughter Rowena.

When the slaughter was over the Saxons then robbed the bodies of the British Nobles of any jewelry and other possessions before leaving.

When news got out about the treachery Emrys Wledig bought his army from Brittany to seek and destroy Hengist and his Brother Horsa.

Hengist was finally caught and executed by Duke Eldol after the furious Britons defeated the Saxons.

Horsa and the remnants of his defeated army were given lands in North Scotland.

Vortigern attempted to return to Morganwg and was turned away, he then fled and fortified a castle at Little Dorward on the Wye.

Emrys Wledig seeking revenge tracked Vortigren down and burned his castle to the ground. Vortigren dying in the flames. Emrys Wledig then returned to Caer Caradoc on Mynydd y Gaer in Glamorgan where the bodies of the murdered Kings and nobles still lay to bury the dead and raise the monument built in their memory in the hope that this treacherous act would never be forgotten.

This act of treachery was remembered down through the ages and every Welsh man; woman and child remembered the story of the massacre through the centuries to the present day.

Had it not been for Alan and Baram's research this very important historical site might have continued to be forgotten to be lost in time as it has been for centuries past.

The next site I was shown was the Graves of the Warriors. This is a truly amazing place. It is hard to describe a hill almost completely covered with human Christian graves.


The Graves of the Warriors

The size of it is immense with only about six inches of soil saparating each grave. There could be as many as 30,000 souls resting here. How they came to be here is anyone's guess. There is also a deadly silence that surrounds this area, it was if all the birds in this area fell silent in respect for these fallen warriors.

Did they die in battle? Was a battle fought here? Were they members of Arthur's army who died of natural causes and were guaranteed a burial on sacred land?

The Welsh Kings were highly religious and gave land to the church in order that when they finally died they would be assured of a place in heaven by being buried next to the right hand of god, such was their belief in Christianity.

As practicing Christians, which they were, Arthur's soldiers would have expected nothing less than a decent burial if they died fighting for a just cause and be guaranteed a place in heaven.

Even the church shudders and trembles at mention of the word King Arthur and will try to deny his existence. Curious that isn't it? It's because they claim to have introduced Christianity into Britain.

Come on now no one can be that stupid as to think the church was introduced into Britain in AD 597, they were 562 years too late to make the claim, so who do they really think they are kidding?

Christianity - according to 'official' historians of the churches of Rome and England, - arrived in Britain in AD 35, see writings of Cardinal Baronius and Cardinal Alford, Stillingfleet, and many others.

The Records are in Nennius who state -"Christianity arrived in Britain in the last year of Tiberius" which is AD 36-37. Gildas stated that it arrived in AD 35, and so on.

Austin -later renamed as Augustine - arrived in Kent 560 years later, in AD 597 bringing the new Roman Brand of religion into Britain which was not accepted by the Welsh because they were already practicing Christians and had their own churches.

It is recorded and well known that Constantine and Helena his wife bought Christianity into Europe. Constantine even ruled in Briton at one stage.

The Romans bought it to Briton with them; didn't they crucify Jesus on the cross? Constantine was able to rule in Britain as a King simply because he was born with British royal blood as well as being a Roman, something like dual nationality.

When they realized the British had their own religion bought into Britain by Constantine, Helena his wife and Joseph of Arimethea the Romans left the British alone to continue practicing their own religion.

The Anglo Saxons were barbarians and are noted as such in many of the history books and yet here we have the Oxford Cambridge Academic Dipsticks keeping us in the dark and feeding us on horseshit.

Horseshit they invented to conceal the real truth about the true Britons, King Arthur, his kingdom, and the many kings that ruled before and after him.

To give you an example of the stupidity of it all, There is a Program on archaeology on Television presented by the well known actor and comedian Tony Richardson.

Mr. Richardson has gathered around him some of the so called greatest brains in Britons archaeology in order to produce the program.

One would think they should be aware that Briton was occupied by Briton's long before the Roman's or Anglo Saxon's arrived. They should also be aware that the Briton's also had a history which should be taken into account

Whenever an old church is found, rather than looking into the history of that church using carbon 14 as a method of dating, they automatically assume that the church was built by either Roman's or Saxons. Never considering for one moment that the Britons were Christians long before the barbaric Anglo Saxons became religious.

These highly educated individuals, or that is what they would like you to believe they are, need to change their lines of thought and go back to basics.

One of these individuals also happens to be not only an archaeologist but also a professor and should know better than to make such pathetic statements knowing he is not one hundred per cent sure in what he is saying.

If this individual is also teaching then he is instructing today's youth the load of pathetic Anglo Saxon nonsense as he was probably taught by his peers before him and it is fraught with lies, deceptions and misinformation's.

Would you allow your children to be educated by people who haven't even got a clue what they are talking about? Yet alone have no knowledge of British history, apart form the Anglo Saxon Garbage they foist on today's academics?

Imagine this if you may, this is a new millennium the wars between the Saxons and early Briton's have ended centuries ago yet the Anglo Saxons still pervert the course of history by pretending that nothing happened before 1066.

This situation is laughable the same as it is when they fool the public into believing that King Arthur never existed and that he was a fairy tale or a myth.

Just like they fail to come to terms that Briton had a population of between six and eight million people before the Romans or the Anglo Saxons came.

It is high time that these people share their place in history too along with all the others instead of being swept under the carpet as if the never existed.

The Britons were never an endangered specie and intermingled with both the Roman's and Saxons.

Today half the Population of the U.K. has at one stage or another had a little British blood mixed in with their own. As a result of marriages down through the centuries. They are only denying their own heritage and history.

One great site that I was taken too was the beach at Longborth. If you recall the battle of Camlan then this is where Arthur after setting sail from Brittany with a huge army had to fight his way ashore.


Longborth Beach, landing place of Arthur's Army also a burial mound of the dead fighters

Today the beach is a tourist's haven. It is a large crescent shaped beach with a large cliff face either side of the road that leads down to it.

Arthur's enemies would have manned the beach as he fought his way up the beach with the huge army from the 600 odd ships each holding at least 80 to 120 soldiers that formed his army.

That's about 48,000 plus infantry, archers and cavalry making a very formidable force to deal with. It must have been a fantastic sight as they landed and raced up the beach under a great barrage of arrows and other projectiles.

One can imagine them forming groups and holding their shields above their heads just as the Romans would have done in a typical battle as they advanced.

Some falling wounded, their blood staining the sands with the wounded dying as the advancing army gained more ground forcing their opponents into retreat.

Arthur would have sent some of his fleet along to the next beaches in order to encircle the enemy and subdue them. For he was able to gain the advantage and continue his pursuit of Mordred.

One must remember too that battles were fought during daylight hours and they collected and buried there dead at night. A battle at any given place might last days or even weeks as one side gained an advantage and the other retreated as the battle slowly progressed.

Ambushes and skirmishes were the order of the day in an attempt to slow Arthur's army. This was a civil war unlike those fought against the Saxons, the Britons would have buried friend and foe along side one another simply because they were all Christians and mainly Briton's.

Families were divided, brother fought brother, and father fought son during this battle, wiping out many families. However, the forces that Mordred had left to guard and stop Arthur's advance were no match for Arthur's superior forces although both sides must have suffered big losses during this battle.

The diabolical thing is the Camlan battle site has been on an Ordnance survey maps for years at a place called Crooked Glen at Dolgellau is of no interest to these highly educated jokers and comedians who call themselves historians and archaeologist.

Why they bothered to attempt of educate themselves is a joke in itself.

Camlann Mountain = Mynydd Camlann and Camlann Valley - are 10 miles south of Dollgellau. Camlann means "crooked glen" and that is precisely what it is - a winding twisting, narrow, pitching, glen.

Arthur did survive this battle in which he was victorious the evidence in the old documents and manuscripts prove Arthur was still alive long after the battle had finished and the dead buried.

Why is it that these highly educated no nothings still refuse point blank to accept that Wales was the most important Place in Britain?

Why do they refuse to recognize that certain English Kings had to send to Wales to get the greatest teachers?

Why oh why were the Welsh suppressed by the English for many years and even deprived of speaking their own language?

They couldn't do it today because of the Human Right acts, which is such a farce it allows criminals to have far greater protection than their victims. Until a new act of parliament was made a burglar could sue his victim the person he was robbing. It makes a mockery of the justice system in the U.K.

Isn't this exactly what the Oxford and Cambridge Academics are still doing to this day in Wales depriving the public of the knowledge they rightly deserve to know?

Makes one wonder about their credibility their integrity and what they are still trying to cover up.

It is a crying shame that these individuals do not own up to their own stupidity and start to recognize Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett for the Geniuses that they are?

They have done more for Britain than the entire Oxford and Cambridge Academics could do it they teamed their resources together in a lifetime.

Whilst other Countries recognize these individuals ability the pathetic individuals who run the establishment in England as they now want to call it are shaking at the knees hoping that Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett will go away, and stop revealing the truth.

One day maybe, who knows when but one day King Arthur might be found, when and if he is, who is going to claim him as a treasure? Or, more than likely make another false claim that that the person found if and when, is maybe a fake, a Santa Claus or some fictional Anglo Saxon King, or even some obscure Viking Warrior like they have with the Sutton Hoo treasure ship?

No, the Sutton Hoo treasure ship is most likely the burial of a British King, not a Saxon one as the historians claim.

British Kings have long been known to have been buried in ship burials. Nash Point in Glamorgan, Wales is the site of one of Britains most important Kings. King Ceri ap Caid who is buried in a boat grave some 80 yards long and 18 yards wide. It is a perfect boat shape. An Archaeological dig need to be done at this site because the hull will used iron nails in its construction just like those found in the Sutton Hoo dig.

Using metallurgy the scientists can the check out these iron nails against those found at Sutton Hoo. Julias Caesar stated that the Briton's used iron nails to make their boats. The Angles and Vikings used wooden pins or pegs to hold their boats together as they did not have the iron. The Briton's had an abundance of iron and used it in may ways apart from making armor.

Will these so called highly educated individuals continue with the charade as they have done for centuries? Will they finally own up that mistakes have been made? Will they rewrite the history books and put everything back into its proper perspective and order the way it should have been right from the start?

Who will want to claim Briton's Greatest hero and Legend, and put him on display in a nice cozy museum for all to see?

You guessed right, those hypocritical moronic idiots the Oxford Cambridge Academics, the clowns who will probably gain fame and recognition for something they never did.

And that is actually find King Arthur themselves. Maybe these parasites are just waiting for Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett to kick the bucket and go to their Camelot in the Sky.

Then and only then will they start to recognize the fact that Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett is, was and will be forever more the greatest historian's that ever lived.

If you doubt my word, buy his book Artorious Rex Discovered ISBN 0-86285-0061

I don't believe in fairy tales or myths. Heinrich Schleiman read homer and he found Troy. Despite the fact that Troy had been found the Oxford Cambridge academics refused to accept that the first Britons were in fact Trojans and still do to this very day. This is highly documented in numerous sources which all these so called experts have at their disposal. Maybe the effort to read and understand simple documentation is beyond their capabilities now that they gained a useless bit of dunny paper called a diploma.

Troy was a myth too until proved otherwise, even today extensive archaeological digs are still taking place, and new discoveries are being made.

The most important find of all in Wales, was two helmets reported in the press as being blue enameled helmets.

It is believed that these belong to two of Arthur's knights who were ambushed, killed and hastily buried.

They were to have been sent in the post to the British Museum, but they never arrived. They mysteriously disappeared in the post or are lying in some dusty corner within the museum itself.

One would think that a treasure such as this would have been so priceless that armed guards and a police escort would have delivered them personally.

Maybe they are still in the British Museum collecting dust fearing that one-day further proofs of Arthur's existence will be found?

The knighthood and recognition Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett so richly deserve is long overdue

Whilst Universities in America are falling over themselves for his lectures the English establishment being what it is still refuses to recognize anything British and this of course means Welsh too.

Until these barriers are finally broken down and British history as such including the Welsh is recognized and accepted by the laughing stock of the worlds academia situated in Oxford and Cambridge nothing much is going to be achieved.

What a comical situation this is, Whilst other nations and countries accept Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett's findings as being fact the most established authorities in Oxford and Cambridge are fast becoming the laughing stock of the world for their refusal to see the light of day and continue to keep the public in the dark like mushrooms and feed them on the same old diet of horseshit they have for centuries.

There is no excuse for ignorance and cover-ups in today's modern world and society.

Even world leaders such as Tony Blair are under scrutiny to produce evidence of the weapons of mass destruction Iraq had as an excuse to declare war.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett are continuing their research and making even greater discoveries about Britain's most famous War King, hero and legend.

Archaeological digs on burial mounds in America similar to those found in Wales have revealed without a reason for doubt by DNA testing on bones that the people buried in these mounds were Welsh.

Stones with strange lettering proved to be the Coelbran Alphabet and inscriptions relating to Welsh Princes and others have been found and translated. Like an enigma code they were undecipherable until Alan Wilson saw photographs of the inscriptions.

This means that after the comet, meteor or asteroid hit, Briton was uninhabitable.

Arthur's navy set sail west and discovered America 300 years before the Vikings and over 800 years before Christopher Columbus. Incredible, far-fetched, it boggles the mind and the imagination.

Scientific evidence proves that this happened, Archaeological societies and Archaeologist in America are delighted with their findings as being correct and accurate.

Maybe just maybe Arthur was buried in America too?

That's why no one has ever found his grave. It all makes sense, people have been looking in the wrong place?

The proof of this lies in the documented evidence coming from America.

Now wouldn't it be The Biggest loss to Britain and the English Oxford Cambridge Academic Establishment if Arthur's grave were found in America?

I can just visualize a mobile museum traveling all over America dragging in thousands of people a day parting with $10 or $20 a pop to get to see the great King in all his glory.

Can anyone put a value on this great King? It is almost impossible. Will the history books be re written bringing him back into the true perspective that he deserves?

His life, his legend has survived for centuries the romance and mysteries beyond the legend kept King Arthur and his knights of the round table alive in the minds of others even centuries after his death.

I feel sure that if King Arthur were alive one of the first things he would be doing was to ensure that Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett received the honors and rewards they are justly entitled too in recognition for their efforts and dedication they have put into their work.

Visit Alan and Baram's website if your interested in the books they certainly make great reading and might give you am insight to the real life and times of King Arthur.

Artorious Rex Discovered ISBN 0-86285-0061

King Arthur- king of Glamorgan and Gwent

Arthur and the Charters of the Kings

Arthur-The War King

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