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The Mercian Vandals

The Vandal Nation were allowed to pass from southern Gaul and into Spain by the British General Geraint in AD 411.

They quickly seized all North Africa up to Libya and made Carthage their capital.

The Vandals quickly built fleets and soon were dominating the Mediterranean.

They totally sacked Rome in a truce period of two weeks and became the dominant Mediterranean power.

The Romans tried in vain to oppose them and the Vandal war fleets of 500 ships were common.

On one occasion a Roman fleet of 500 ships was destroyed in harbour in Spain. Finally when the Vandal fleet and army was away attacking Sardinia the Eastern Emperor Justinian sent his general Belissarius to attack Carthage.

Belissarius landed his army of 32,000 men unopposed and he quickly defeated the collection of old men and boys who were all the Vandals had at home.

The Vandal King returned home to find he could not enter his cities; principally Carthage as Belissarius was inside.

The war then dragged on for sixteen years and we all know about it as Emperor Justinian sent a war correspondent named Procopius to record and report everything.

Procopius wrote six books that are still extant.

In these records the Vandal King is described as the King of Africa.

He was not a black African or a brown Arab, but instead a big raw boned blond German.

Finally in AD 548 the Vandal King assembled all his people and the merchant and war fleets and sailed from North Africa.

The academics leave matters here and take no further interest whatsoever. So where did they go?

At this very same time the Khumry Welsh record that the King of Africa arrived in Ireland with 167,000 of his people.

These are very clearly the Vandals migrating from North Africa. In response to appeals King Arthur II sailed his army over to Ireland to assist and the first battle took place between between the Vandals and the Irish.

Then before Arthur could move against them the King of Africa pulled a masterstroke and embarked his nation back into their ships and crossed over to Wales.

He landed at Milford Haven and the huge mass of people split into nine groups-presumably as they could not find food for such a huge number.

An enraged Arthur then arrived back in Milford Haven and began the process of locating and pursuing the division of the Vandals.

This required splitting up his own forces to pursue the different groups.

This whole war is detailed described complete with named battle sites and grave locations of the British dead, All traceable.

Ignorant English "Scholars" have always mocked what they see as a ridiculous story of an African King invading Ireland and then Britain, yet battlegrounds and graves still exist. It is also very logical that the entire Vandal Nation did not simply vanish and they must of had a destination in mind when they sailed from North Africa.

The story tells how the remnant of the fleeing Vandal nation who were handicapped by having their wives and children to protect, finally escaping out of Wales across the river Severn and into the Midlands of England.

Generations of English "Scholars have wondered who the Mercian's were and where they came from to arrive in the Midlands in the mid 6th century AD. Anyone can see that they were the Vandals from North Africa and the constantly correct Welsh History records are 100% correct - again.

We checked the known Genealogy of the Mercian Kings that goes back to way before AD 548 and Lo and behold they match exactly.

We never got the slightest credit for this one either.

Every detail is correct and a perfect match. Lack of Communication again and very lazy useless academics.

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