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Explaining the Unexplainable.
By Alan Hassell © 1/10/2011
There are a great many things in this world that for some reason or another defy explanation. For example around this world we live in there are visible remains of civilisations and cultures that simply disappeared off the face of the earth.

Archaeologists and historians investigating these places face the responsibility of researching how old certain things are and why all of a sudden everything stopped and no one lived there anymore.

The figures they eventually come up with are only estimates or guesstimates to within a few centuries either way without accurate scientific evidence. Their Carbon 14 dating techniques fail to do this simply because they manipulate the figures by dividing by 80 and multiplying by 100 formulae.

because the Egyptian Chronologies are wrong, so they fudge the figures in order to cover the inaccuracies. This is mentioned early because it is necessary for you the reader to understand how academics guess when they are not sure and cannot give a reasonable answer to their problem.

Perhaps the greatest catastrophe that ever happened on Earth had to be silenced mainly by the Roman Church after the men in black decided that no stone or rock could fall from the skies.

The men in Black incidentally consider themselves to be gods and no one must ever dare to challenge or contradict them. If they did, they were accused of Heresy or blasphemy, tried by a kangaroo court and executed. Dead men cannot talk.

Such was the fear of these evil creatures that they dare not speak up against them, but it did control people to a certain extent.

For many years people have been unable to explain what happened to the Mayan’s, the Inca’s, the Aztec’s and so on.

Some say that Macho Pinchu was deserted in AD 700 but have no substantial evidence on which to base this theory only guesswok.

One thing they do agree on is that at some time their crops failed and were forced to leave and abandon the site. They are unable to explain why this happened and what caused the inhabitants to leave.

There are many other places in Peru and Bolivia that similar events took place and whole civilisations and cultures simply disappeared into thin air.

Back in the 70’s I was fascinated by Erich Von Daniken and his book Chariots of the Gods which was also made into a television production and he has made several films since then.

In one of them he mentioned that the Mayan's left around AD 500 Suddenly the penny dropped, the tree’s disappeared and vanished the forest started to appear.

Logic is something Academics fail to use because they do not do their research and are unable to fit a jig saw together even when it’s before their eyes.

They fail to see the inevitable and unmistakable evidence when it confronts them. One day Alan Wilson took me to what was described as an early Roman Villa that once was the residence of Carausius who was killed by Alectus.

All that was left of this once magnificent building were some earthworks and masses of white stone everywhere.

There was a ditch nearby filled with these small white stones it would have taken an army to have broken up these stones into such small pieces of what appeared to be quartz until on close inspection it proved to be white dressed Marble.

I was aware that the English Establishment would go to extreme measures to hide and obliterate anything to do with King Arthur.

but this was a vast complex and would of needed a great labour force to demolish a place like this the expense would of been tremendous.

Years later reading Mallory he mentions how Camelot would have appeared and stated that it was made from White Dressed Marble.

Further researches proved it had been built in the 2nd century. Those tiny white lumps of white marble suddenly had real meaning after I learnt about the destructive forces equivalent to thousands of atomic weapons in the form of a Comet.

Tysillio Chronicles of the Kings of Britain gives a wonderful description of this star suddenly appearing in the sky.

Just another part of the jigsaw, so what could I find out about Comets. Without something substantial or tangible to back up my I was mince meat for anyone with a desire to flame me.

That evidence was to come with a simple word called vitrification which is turning solid rock into molten glass to do that very high temperatures are required for the process to work, at least 2,000 degrees.

The internet is a wonderful tool for research if you know what you’re looking, for finding it though is another matter.

I learnt that hill forts in Scotland contained walls of vitrified rock thanks to a guy named sarcastic twit on youtube.

Some of these hill-forts had walls over 300 feet long and no one knew how the ancients were able to vitrify the rocks.

Scientists and archaeologists together with Arthur C Clarke built huge fires in an attempt to solve the problem. Their efforts failed and the tempretures were never achieved.

Alan Wilson had told me about vitrified broches in Scotland and no one knew how these were vitrified either. Through diligent research I was able to gain knowledge of the dynamics of the power of what Comets can do and the forces they generate when they come into contact with or near the earth the results were mind boggling.

Travelling faster than a speeding bullet at between 11 kmps and 15 kmps you would never hear it approach only a load sonic boom after it passed if you were lucky enough to survive.

Scientists estimate the power of a comet can be the equivalent of between one hundred to over one thousand Hiroshima type atomic bombs.

Were you to stand in an underground railway tunnel you would notice a rush of air as a train approaches the station, the incoming train forces air in its path out of the way.

A comet does exactly the same thing and because of friction the air becomes super heated reaching enormous temperatures which will incinerate and burn anything and everything combustible in its path.

Scientists estimate temperatures of over 13000 degrees Fahrenheit are generated and humans are automatically cremated in seconds.

Tree’s and any wooden structures burn, Gildas describes how Britain was on fire from sea to sea. We know the Comet of AD 562 caused great damage and devastation which covered a very large area.

The Hill-forts are on the east coast of Scotland, the broches on the west coast and it also affected parts of Ireland too.

Therefore the comet had a corridor or path of over two hundred to 300 miles wide just to the coast of Ireland Approximately.

Britains population was decimated in minutes

The land was poisoned and contaminated nothing could live or grow for between seven and eleven years. All living things died of starvation or disease the unbreathable smoke would contaminate the lungs millions perished.

Having devastated much of Britain it crossed the Atlantic Ocean until it hit land again in South America. Causing havoc and destruction there too setting fire to trees and the great forests of the Amazon that would burn for days on end.

The vast forests would block out the sun and affect the climate. Smoke and debris would contaminate water as well.

As the comet approached the forward blast of air would have caused a gigantic wave to form from the sea devastating anything in its path much like the Tsunamis that hit Japan in 2011 only on a far greater scale.

This was Hiroshima and Nagasaki again but this was travelling at hypersonic speed and unstoppable. Bolivia and Peru was obliterated off the map together including many of its inhabitants.

Huge temples some containing fifty and one hundred ton blocks were no match for the might of an atomic like blast these huge unmovable objects were throw around like kiddies Lego blocks, such was the power of of this Comet.

Only an atomic blast would have the power to shift objects that today humans are unable to move. Atomic weapons were unheard of then.

Whilst scientists guess and speculate how these huge buildings were destroyed by a massive earthquake none of them had any idea or knowledge of the Comet of AD 562.

Anyone can draw a line on a map starting at Le Paz and all the way onto Nazca and surprise surprise an amazing trail of destruction is revealed.

First Kalasasaya is suddenly decimated all signs of life disappear.

Puma Punka where a gigantic complex was totally wrecked many of the huge blocks here weigh from 50 to a hundred tons.

These are scattered around in no particular order like a reckless child leaves his toys when he has finished with them.

Notice all the stones were originally joined together with some sort of metal? The heat was so intense that the metal metlted where is it? Why hasn't any one else asked this question before?

Has anyone ever looked for the remains of the metal used to join these huge blocks together? if not why not? Surely the molten metal remains would prove that great heat was used to destroy this magnificent buildings. What kind of Power is required to move 50 or 100 ton bocks?

All one needs to do is visit youtube and see the destructive power of atomic tests which are isolated and stationary.

This Comet's on the move and nothing’s going to stop it, on its 300 mile path of destruction and devastation. Other sites Rajchi suffers a similar fate and not far from Humey we find the Band of Holes where we believe the Comet started to shed some of its excess material leaving a mile long trail of holes six feet apart in the ground that no one can explain what caused them.

Perhaps part of the comet broke up in the atmosphere and it rained down in an almost perfect formation. Moving at 11 to 15 kmps they are moving at such a rate of knots that as it started to break up pieces would be scattered over the direct path the comet was travelling in. Look on google earth and you will notice it is exactly NE to SW exactly the same bearings it was heading over Britian. Coincidence or what?

The famous site of Tiahuanaco suffered a similar fate however much of the walls somehow managed to survive most of the damage The huge Gate to the sun suffered a huge crack on its 100 ton upper lintel but did not fall. In one of Erich Von Daniken's films he states quite clearly the, Mayan’s left around AD 500.

This places the event directly in the same timeline even Von Daniken may not have known about the Comet had he done so he could have dated this event more precisely and accurately.

There are many temples at Nazca these would have been in the 2 to 3 hundred mile path of the comet. Travelling at 11 Kmps a second in a matter of minutes anything in its path was destroyed and decimated. Humans and animals vaporised instantly if there was anything left the remains would have been scavenged by wild animals.

The aftermath of this event would be exactly the same as described by Gildas

He stated that the land was contaminated and nothing could grow for between seven and eleven years.

The person who said that Macho Pincho was deserted because of drought or famine was in some way correct. The soil was contaminated by the fallout of all the smoke and debris from the giant fires that occurred in the Amazon jungles that were in the path of the comet.

This would have blocked out the sun also contaminated the water supply eventually those that stayed would die of starvation or lung damage through smoke inhalation.

A dendrochronologist named Michael Baillie contacted Alan Wilson who told Baillie a great deal of information regarding the Comet of AD 562.

Professor Baillie had a lot of dendochronological data but had no anchor or start date in which to base his calculations.

The problem Baillie faced was how to explain his readings and he chose to use the Karkatoa event the idea that Krakatoa singled out Britain and Ireland is idiotic other places would of been affected too instead of using the Comet he based his figures not on AD 562 but on AD 535.

This is the type of idiocy you get from an academic who is not a historian, knows nothing about history or even read any of Alan Wilson’s books.

Being Irish and a catholic he did not realise why many dates are misread it is simple because the Roman Church dated the incarnation of Jesus from his Birth instead of the correct date when he died in A.D.33 in order to get year one.

So British history really started in year one and this is why there is so much confusion over dates and dating. If you add 33 the age of jesus to any of the dates that the English Establishment uses you derive at the correct date go back and you create chaos which that idiot Baillie did.

A full detailed report of this is published on page 8 of Alan Wilson's Artorious Rex Discovered. Professor Michael Baillie was in such a hurry to publish his findings he never gave any recognition to Alan Wilson for informing about the Comet or his help.

Baillie is the ultimate academic parasite who steals other peoples thunder and uses it as his own without given credit to those who informed him of the comet. Alan Wilson complained about Michael Baillie’s behaviour to the Royal Academy Baillie went into hiding and was very quiet about it but the damage had already been done.

The Roman Church used the devastation caused by the Comet to get into Britain in AD 579 and only had the Angels and Saxons to convert, the British already had their own religion from AD 35 – 37 and did not need the Roman one. Ignorance of Ancient British History is continually caused by moronic academics who refuse to research it.

They try to make a big name for themselves at the expense of other people’s hard work and efforts.

Alan Wilson Challenges anyone from the Academic world to debate Ancient British History in front of a live audience in a Live Television recorded broadcast.

Having got a degree in History at Cardiff University he is no amateur historian as academics claim.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett are the world foremost authorities on the subject of Ancient British History because they read the Ancient British documents and records for over 35 years each, something the academics don’t do.

Notice if an academic wants to learn something he goes to the library grabs any old books and looks in the index if books did not have an index they would have to read the entire book.

When history was changed and reinvented chaos was caused to understand what really happened you have to read any of Alan Wilson’s books from start to finish.

Academics are too lazy to do research because they were brainwashed with bullshit and think they know everything. Having a degree in bullshit does not make these academics experts in their chosen field.

They never think they were taught rubbish and they teach it too. How many people were told lies by these academic teachers? and still are?

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