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The Ubiquitous "King Arthur".

The alleged untraceable "King Arthur" of the Sixth Century AD is in fact the best recorded British king in all our ancient Histories.

The account of his death and burial is found in at least then ancient Khumric 'Welsh' histories and Epic poems, and the 'Mystery' is just how anyone could think he was a mysterious figure, the situation is both tragic and hilarious.

The fact that Edward is lorwerth, and Julius Caesar is Iwl Kesar, and Ostrorious Scapular is Euroswydd Wledig, and Maurice is Meurig, and Theoderic is Tewdrig, and Gwrgan Mawr is Aurelian the Great, and Abrosius is Amlodd Wledig, appears not to have registered with the academics.

Also the ridiculous practice of preferring to use foreign alien Roman Names when dealing with our British Histories is asinine stupidity.

To write Cassivelaunius instead of Caswallon is idiotic, as Caswallon is not a name and it means Viceroy-"ruler of a separate part of the state", and the requirement is to find the Prince behind the title. Cadwallader is not a name and it means Battle Sovereign and again the question is "who is he".

To find Arthur II look for Arthmael- Iron Bear, son of Meurig - Maurice, the son of Tewdrig - Theoderic.

The simple fact is that this King Arthur II was a sixth generation direct descendant of King Arthur I, and it is harder to miss either of these Kings than it is to find them.

Let there be no doubt that Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset in England is a total fake that was not even founded until AD 941.

King Arthur I died around AD 400 and King Arthur II died in AD 579.

Arthur I is buried in Warwickshire and Arthur II is buried in Glamorgan, Wales.

Arthur I was the Legendary mediaevil Guy of Warwick- Guy being 'gwyr or gwr' - Man of Warwick.

Joseph of Arimathea was Not buried in Glaston bury founded AD 941, and instead he lies in Cardiff close to Llandaff where Maelgwyn of Llandaff identified his grave.

King Arthur II was not born in Tintagel in Cornwall but instead at Din Dryfan (din dagol) in South Wales.

Once these ridiculous frauds are disposed of and relegated to the realm of Pinochio, Snow White & the seven dwarfs, and Daffy Duck, and the Flintstones, sanity can be restored to our perfectly accurate and very well recorded British Histories.

Mediaeval monks were the greatest con-men and liars around.

They had sufficient Holy Blood of Jesus scattered around in glass vials to sink the Titanic, and the mass of timber splinters alleged to be from the Holy Cross would build most of Admiral Nelson's fleet at Trafalgar.

Pilgrims were medieval tourists and the whole idea was to make money as it is today, The present attitude of allowing frauds at Glastonbury and Tintagel to be paraded as amusing possibilities, and the denigrating all Khumric "Welsh" accurate records is anti Welsh and racist.

This untraceable sixth century King Arthur II has four brothers and five sisters, and his ancestors and descendants and very well proved with graves and inscribed stones, The marriage of his sisters are recorded and evidence of his brothers Idnerth, Frioc, Madoc Morfran, and Paul (King Poulentius) exisits.

Hopefully the readers will share our utter astonishment and incredulity that the Welsh inscribed stones that bear the same mixture of Latin and the Old Welsh Coelbren Alphabet and being treated as a mixture of Latin and the Irish-tree alphabet (invented by a retired army colonel after AD 1700).

The massive insult is that the Khumric Welsh could not read or write and the Irish had come over to Wales to carve and inscribe stone for them, This utter academic idiocy would not be tolerated anywhere else on Earth and the English Archaeologists would be told to go home and stay home.

This ludicrous campaign dies succeed in fooling the public and the accession of memorial stones of King Theodrosius and King Theoderic, who were Arthur II's great great grandfather, and grandfather, are completely misread as are many others.

The reader is invited to read what Strabo the travelling Greek geographer and historian had to say about the barbaric and illiterate British around 50 BC- 2060 years ago.

"He came not clad in skins like a Scythian, but with a bow in his hand and a quiver hanging on his shoulders, a plaid wrapped around his body, a gilded belt encircling his loins, and trousers reaching from the waist down to the soles of his feet.

He was easy in his address, agreeable in his conversation; active in his despatch, and secret in his management of great affairs; quick in judging of present accuracies; and ready to take his part in any sudden emergency; provident withal in guarding against futurity; diligent in the quest for wisdom; fond of friendship; trusting very little to fortune, yet having the entire confidence of others, and trusted with everything in his prudence.

He spoke Greek with a fluency, that you would of thought that he had been bought up in the Lyceum and conversed all his life with the Academy of Athens.

(The Lyceum was the University in Athens that was set up around 400 BC.)

This is similar to other ancient accounts of our literate educated British Ancestors, and the Anglo-Saxon invention of ancient British Barbarianism needs to be consigned to the rubbish bin along with their fabrication of 400 years of "Roman" Britain. Read the histories of Britain and Rome and the complete fiction also evaporates.

It never happened outside the inventions of London, Oxford and Cambridge, and the last thing in planet earth that they want is for anyone to read and investigate accurate correct authentic British History. The political and religiously correct campaign to destroy and obliterate British History and to replace it with a historical void and to reduce the high civilization of ancient Britain to primitive jungle tribal savages conditions, would have succeeded if it were not for that giant figure of King Arthur Immovable standing in the way.

The British held onto Arthur and so the establishment worked away to blot out the histories, and then they made him a comic figure if Myth and legend, and finally a childish cartoon character.

It is not going to work and regardless of the illegal onslaughts made against Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett the researches will continue to be published.

There never was a Roman Britain that lasted 400 years, it never happened. The first thing that needs to be done is to expel the Archaeologists from the realm of History, and to relegate them to the correct level of tomb robbers and rag and bone men.

Their propaganda that there are virtually no ancient British Historical records is completely false.

The grave if King Theoderic is known and the grave of his son King Maurice-Meurig is recorded and traceable and it should be no surprise that the grave of Arthur II son of Maurice exists, as the grave of King Morgan Mwynfawr is at Bedd (grave) Morgan Mwynfawr.

If the London Establishment is going to look ridiculous then so be it. Politicians are generally ridiculous anyway.

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