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This site was built for one purpose and one purpose only and that was to tell the Real British History to the world as it was originally written and documented. For Centuries The English Establishment have for political and religious correctness made countless attempts to hide and conceal the Real histories of what happened in a period they call the Dark Ages. There was no Dark Age as we attempt to reveal the true historical events and the real people who are recorded as having lived and died during this so called Dark Age Period.

The English Establishment have done what no other country on this planet we call Earth and have changed and reinvented The original British Histories as if for centuries nothing happened. All clocks stopped, nobody lived, nobody died, nothing happened. Then all of a sudden at a precise moment in time everything started again as if nothing had happened and everything was back to normal.

For Centuries The Establishment has been able to keep everyone in the dark and treat them like mushrooms and feed them on political horse manure.
With the Discovery of the Great White Palace of the British Kings we finally have something tangible to reveal to the World that Once upon a time there was a Camelot.

Mallory desribed it in his book Morte d' Arthur that it was built of White Marble and no one ever found a building made of White Marble until now. If they did, then they kept it real quite because making it publicly known would reveal the lies deciets and misinformations that had been pertpetrated over the centuries.

Naturally there will be some academics who will still be prepared to put their necks on the chopping block to save their names and reputations but they left it too late
they could of done something ages ago but none of the Archaeologists, Historians Academics would break ranks and spill the beans because they would immediately
lose highly lucrative jobs with pensions and become unemployable if they did.

What you are about to learn is the Real British History as it happened and as it was recorded and document the way it was written for you the reader to understand the truth about the past.

In order for you the public to unserstand what happened in the period of AD 562 you chould first view a youtube clip because this is so incredible that if it did not actually happen people would say, "rubbish".  The events you will learn here are so astounding that the Establishement wont admit it happened despite the fact it is well documented.  

Although that clip discusses the extinction of the Dinosaurs something very similar happened in Britain in AD 562. It was recorded and documented modern historians, archaeologists, egyptologists and academics only read modern books. Without reading and investigating the ancient document which they claim are forgeries something is diabolically wrong. Either the ancient documents which can be proved to be authentic are original or the lies, misinformations about the reinvented histories the English Establishment wants you to believe is rubbish and not worth the paper its printed on.

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