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The Star Map Mounds.

There is in Britain a monumental ancient archaeological treasure of huge historical international importance and interest.

In South East Wales there are large Earth mounds that are built across an area of fifty miles East to West and thirty five miles North to South. These huge mounds of earth are laid out to a pattern that matches with the major Stars in the night skies.

Baram Blackett asked Alan Wilson why a vast mound was named 'the Ferocious Warrior' in Khumric and why another was 'the He-Goat' and they realized that these were the stars 'Hercules' and 'Capricorn' as named by the Egyptians, the Arabs, and the Hebrews.

It was immediately obvious that the three mounds on the Garth Mountain just north of Cardiff were representing the Belt of Orion, and the Giant Ship Shaped mound at Caer Caradoc was the great heavenly Star constellation of Argo.

Near to Argo is the place of the Raven-Crow as Bran.

From this point the whole scenario of the mounds became clear, and the large mound surrounded by modern house at Rhiwbina in North Cardiff is for Taurus the bull, and a smaller collection on the east of the Wenallt is probable the Hyades.

The mound on the east of the Cefn On Ridge above Lisvane is placed for Aries the Ram, and the row of mounds to the North above Bedwas and Machen represent Delphinius the Fish.

Twmbarlwn-the Billy Goat above Risca to the north of Newport is clear and the Star pattern spreads from the east of Gwent to the western limits of Glamorgan.

Once seen the Star Map is harder to miss than to identify.

Every major Star in the constellations of the Northern hemisphere is very clearly represented by a correctly place mound or a set of mounds like Comah the Morther & Child.

In a tiny hidden valley where the Sun never shines, there is a shrine carved into the cliff face shown in the Denderah Zodiac from Egypt shows a Cow with the Hathor the Moon goddess Head-dress riding in a boat.

This tiny valley is called Top of the Cow and Bottom of the Cow at either end, and again everything is perfectly placed to match the two First Magnitude Stars of Sirius and Wesen.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett set about creating a star Map on top of the easily obtainable Government Ordnance Survey maps where many of these Mounds are marked.

Where they are not marked they are easily traced.

Once two or three Star Mounds are identified it is possible to triangulate and find the Pole Star -Polaris.

This is a standing stone, and from Polaris and the now known angles of three major stars from Polaris it is a simple matter to predict the position of the other mounds that represent the Major Stars.

In this way it was possible to find all the large Earth Mounds that represent all the Major Stars in the Northern Hemisphere.

Star mound after Star mound after Star mound was located, and Virgo-the Branch, the Altar -Scales, Sagittarius the Archer, Cetus the Sea Monster, Gemini the Twins, Comah the mother and Child, and all the four outlying great stars of the Orion constellation rectangle were found, plus dozens of others.

The Star Map of mounds laid out on the hill-tops and plains was complete.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett made great efforts to enlist the interest and co-operation of academics in the field of Astronomy, and one university astronomer then attempted to get the history and archaeology Departments of Cardiff University involved.

These departments refused to take any co-operative part in these amazing discoveries.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett regard these Cardiff University Departments as scraping the bottom of the academic barrel but perhaps they are better than nothing.

So once again polite civilized offers of co-operation on a major Discovery of World Importance was met with total intransigence.

The Ancient Khumric folk tales of the Mabinogi -Origins now began to make sense and a major target was the place of the massive Star Mound representing the first magnitude Stars Regulus and possibly Denebola in the Constellation of Leo.

This gigantic display of earthen Mounds representing the Major Stars in the Heavens is indisputable and it has a definite purpose.

This is a major cultural and historical discovery that matches with the Nascar drawings in South America, and the Pyramids of Egypt.

It is indisputable and so large that no one else could see it. It is inevitable that the academic establishment is determinedly ignoring this huge realization discovery.

The Mound Star Maps are of huge cultural importance as their purpose can be very clearly understood as they link directly into the ancient Mabinogi-Origins Tales.

Some Basic Locations of Star Mounds and Monuments.

One difficulty in giving Google Earth locations for Munds that Represent Stars is that these have been identified using British Government Ordnance Survey Maps and the references are different.

A small sample will give the viewer some idea of the scale of the Star Map.

1, The Mound of "The Ferocious Warrior - Hercules.

2, The Mound of the "He-goat" - Cappricorn.

3. The Three Mounds of the Belt of Orion,

4. The Ship of the Constellation of Argo.

5. The Mound of Taurus the Bull

6. The Mound of Aries the Ram.

7. The Mounds of Delphinus the Fish.

8. The Great Mound of Regulus in Leo -Place of the Ark of Covenant.

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