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The Problem of British Ancient History.

The amazing thing about Britain is that it is the only nation on Planet Earth that totally despises and ridicules its own Native Ancient History.

At all times the "British" academics, and English academics in particular, take every opportunity to attack and deride the Ancient histories of Britain in a constant display of Political and Religious Correctness.

Even more surprising is the fact that every time our Native British Histories are tested they prove to be accurate.

This does nothing to stop the constant flow of negativity that is directed towards our perfectly truthful and provable histories that are our Birthright and our Heritage and Culture.

Clearly there is a total lack of communication somewhere.

It is a fact that Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett are the only researchers who have dared to enter this forbidden territory or dead zone of Ancient British Historical studies.

In 2004 a quite sensational discovery was made in Poole, Dorset, when archaeologists from Bournemouth University discovered an ancient harbour. This was a very large construction with nine metre wide jetties going out some ninety meters into deep water.

It was estimated that some 10,000 oaks trees had been felled to stabilize the stonework during construction, and thousands of tons of stones were used.

The engineering was as good as anything accomplished by the Greeks and Romans.

This is only one of many such ancient British relics.

The problem was that this ancient harbour was built around 300-250 BC just around 300 to 350 years before the Romans invaded south east Britain in AD 42. The archaeologists, who had been mis-educated into the false belief in ancient British barbarism, were at a loss to explain this great harbour.

Instead of seeing the obvious that the Ancient British Histories are correct they theorised about Greek or Roman traders who wished to trade with the 'primitive' British must have come to Britain and built this large harbour.

The senior archaeologist was asked what else he would like to find and he stated "A laden Roman trading ship." Now in Greece, or Rome, or Egypt, or Asia Minor, they would be keen to find a Greek, or Roman, or Egyptian, or Asia Minor trading ship, but this Englishman in true Anglo-Saxon form could not even conceive that the British had large ocean going ships and these were described by Julius Caesar in 55 BC.

He should have said "An ancient British trading ship"

In the same way there is on Orchard Ledge on the eastern foreshore off Cardiff a gigantic stone harbour that is sunk.

This sinking of the Great Stone Port appears to have happened in AD 562 when the debris from the Comet destroyed Britain.

There is no way on planet Earth that foreigners could have built this huge harbour.

It is clearly marked on the maps of AD 1858 and when the construction of the Roath and Alexandra Docks was taking place around 1890-1900 the land reclamation work uncovered the causeway leading out to this harbour.

This is where the Princess Marchell the daughter of King Theoderic (Tewdrig) was placed on a ship around AD 490 to take her over to Ireland to marry Enlech the Golden Crowned, the son of Hydwn Dwn, son of King Ceredig, son of Cuneda Wledig.

The fact that Arthur II sailed his fleet and army out of this harbour and this is also ignored.

There is not the slightest interest taken or shown in major British historical relics, or any other relics for that matter.

The same applies to the triumphal arch said to have been built by King Ludd at Ludgate in London When this was discovered in the late 1990's it was instantly and totally wrongly misidentified as "Roman" by the historically blind archaeologists.

Alan Hassell, a historical researcher in London, and Adrian Gilbert, were both amazed at this incredibly wrong attribution as was everyone else with any knowledge of British History.

The list of this deliberate blindness towards British History and anti-British racist attitudes is endless.

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