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No Level Playing Field.

The Ancient British records are the property and heritage of the British people.

These provably accurate and authentic records are constantly attacked and derided and ignored by academics.

If we examine the antecedents of the much praised ancient Greek, Roman, and Hebrew records we find vastly different academic


There are no ancient faded and crumbling parchments, papers, or papyrus documents with the handwriting of the Greeks Homer, Euripedes, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Thucydides, Herodotus, nor of the Romans including Caesar, Tacitus, Martial, Horace, or whoever.

What we have are alleged copies of these ancient records that at the earliest are AD 1250 and often as late as 1400 a mere 1700 to 1900 years after these Greek authors, and 1400-1200 years after these Roman "records" were written.

In the case of the Hebrews and Christians who follow the god Yahweh, the earliest records are of around AD 325.

This means that there is no written mention of Abraham until near 2000 years after his time, and no record of David or Solomon until over 1300 years after they allegedly lived.

Yet we are expected to believe these copies or copies of copies.

In Britain where the damp variable climate, allied to centuries of destructive warfare, deliberate racist destructions, bacterial decay, bookworms, and the vast catastrophe of the Comet holocaust of AD 562, have all contributed to the loss of records the academics demand original documents.

Copies of more ancient documents that were set down, as we have them today, around AD 1000, or 1100 are not good enough to support descriptions of events of AD 400 - 700.

Even worse the great number of inscribed stones that litter Khumric Wales are deliberately ignored and distorted.

If King Arthur II who died in AD 579 was to wait as long as the Hebrew King David to have his name written then we should have first heard about him in AD 1900.

There is no Level Playing Field, and the demands made on British Historical Records are not made on any other Nation.

We have a massively provable ancient British Alphabet that is at least 2700 years old, and this marvellous cultural relic that is the property of the Khumric and British Nation has been attacked by morons.

In the era of 1935 -1960 the BBC State monopoly Radio, more accurately the London Establishment English Radio, carried out a series of monstrous assaults against all ancient Khumric British records. Amongst these attacks was the allegation that the priceless relic of our British Ancient Alphabet was a forgery of around AD 1800.

The Whole corpus of ancient British Historical records was denigrated and labelled as forgeries.

This has to be the greatest falsehood in the history of cultural genocide.

Today archaeologists - the imaginative guesswork speculators and masters of deception- allege that ancient British inscribed stones in Wales that exhibit a mixture of Latin and British Coelbren letters are instead a mixture of Latin and "Irish" tree-alphabet lettering.

This absurdity stems from an English surveyor in Northumberland named Collingwood, who had the supreme advantage of total ignorance of all British ancient History.

He claimed that the technology of stone carving originated in Northumberland, (100% wrong), and that this technique then spread from North Eastern England to Ireland, (100% wrong), and then later when the ignorant stupid Welsh need stones to be carved and inscribed they asked the Irish to do the job.

A more asinine and crazy and completely incorrect theory by a total historical amateur is hard to imagine, yet this crass stupidity has been eagerly seized upon by English academics and all the ancient Welsh stones that carry a mixture of Latin and ancient British Coelbren Alphabet letters are now being mistranslated as Latin and Irish letters and this results in horrific misreadings.

The fact is that the "ancient" Irish tree-alphabet, that is so admired, was invented by a retired English army officer -a colonel- around AD 1700.

They feel free to insult the British Welsh Nation and out goes the accession stone of King Theodosius the great grandfather of Arthur II, and out goes the stone of King Theoderic his grandfather, and so on and on.

The situation is lunatic.

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