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Chapter One.



In 1983 Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett met with Lord Brooks of Tremorfa (Cardiff), in the House of Lords.

This meeting was arranged by Ken Hutchinson the then Leader of the South Glamorgan County Council.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett had published their first three books on authentic Khumric British History, and there was an obvious Tourism opportunity of some magnitude.

After listening to an outline of what Alan and Baram had to say Jack Brooks was of the opinion that there were a total of at least 20,000 permanent jobs that could be created in Khumric Wales on the back of these researches.

Since that meeting 26 years ago the Government, the Local government, the Bureaucracy, the Academics, the various agencies of Tourism, the Museums, Development, in fact every part of Officialdom, has dedicated itself towards destroying the Researches and the good names and characters of the Researchers.

The Media of Television, Radio, and the Press has been persuaded to join into this modern version of the Inquisition to assist in destroying these two men who have dared to question the obviously phoney, fabricated, and forged and quite hilariously stupid set of yarns that have been invented since AD 1714 to masquerade as "ancient British history".

Progress that has been made in the face of determined destructive opposition now makes the figure of 20,000 permanent jobs in an area of endemic high unemployment and low pay far too long, and even 30,000 jobs would seem to be low.

Winston Churchill, a very wise and dedicated man, in many ways wrote:-"A nation that has no history has no future."

Whether or not he was referring to Britain and in particular to the Khumric 'Welsh' is not known.

He also wrote:-"King Arthur was a King of South East Wales."

In both these statements he was absolutely correct.

What he also knew, and perhaps he chose not to write, is that in a nation of many millions as long as one man remains who will stand up and say "No" to the political schemers and oppressors,and to the control freaks international bankers, and the avaricious church, then the history of the Nation remains and it is not obliterated.

Between the years of 1933 to 1945 a vast crime was committed in Europe when the Nazi Regime that ruled Germany attempted to obliterate the Jewish communities is Europe. This monstrous criminality has become known as the Holocaust.

It matters not that only one in every twenty Jewish persons is a descendant of the Judeans and Benjamites who were expelled from Judea in AD 135, whereas the majority nineteen in every twenty practising Jews descend from the Khazars of the ancient Khazar Empire that adopted Judaism as a religion under their Khan Bulan around AD 750, the attempt was made to annihilate a whole people.

In Britain the annihilation has taken a different course and because it was not possible to murder the entire Ancient British Nation the strategy has been to destroy, to eradicate, and to obliterate, the vast and entire corpus of all ancient British History.

This will result in the destruction of the British Identity of the native blood British Nation and will then allow for a new completely false, negative, and phoney History to be fabricated and invented, and the entire people of the British Race will be disinherited and led into believing a completely false scenario of their ancestors.

At this present time this deliberate and evil campaign has been largely successful, and the demolition of the truth is gathering pace.

The villains who plot and perpetrate this monstrous anti-British crime are the Catholic Church of Rome and the London Establishment.

This is stark and clear.

At this time, in early 2009, these organizations have succeeded in transforming the correct image of our ancient British Ancestors from being a very well recorded highly civilized, literate, advanced and developed culture that was comparable to anything that Greece, Rome, or Judea, had to offer, into a gross caricature of misrepresentation as a disparate spread of loose primitive near savage tribal peoples.

It is similar to comparing Renaissance Italy to being inhabited by a collection of Borneo semi-naked, jungle dwelling, cannibal tribal people.

The misrepresentation of our ancient British Ancestors is so grotesque as to be almost beyond imagination.

So why has this centuries long Anti-British conspiracy aimed at the total destruction of the history, the heritage, and the culture of the Native British people, which is the inalienable Property of all of us who are Blood British by descent and birth, been carried on?

What are the Church of Rome and the London Establishment of its Monarchy and Church so afraid of that they determinedly conspire to destroy the rightful inheritance of the British Nation?

No other Nation on Planet Earth has stood by and allowed, and even participated in, the destruction and obliteration of its own massively recorded, easily proven, National Native Histories that are well attested by ancient artefacts, sites, and relics. Yet this is precisely what has been done in Britain.

The fact is that following the collapse of a religious-political movement in Jerusalem in AD 35 the group known as The Holy Family packed up and left Jerusalem and sailed to Marseilles and then proceeded Northwards up the known ancient trade route along the River Rhone before going west down the River Loire to Nantes and taking ship there and sailing to Britain.

They came to Britain as the "lost" Ten Tribes of Israel known as the Khumry had (a) been deported from Israel to Armenia by the Assyrians between 740- 02 BC, and (b) they have migrated westwards all the way through Asia Minor to the Dardanelles between 687-650 BC, (c) they split into two halves and one half migrated to Etruria in Italy around 650 BC, and (d) the second half remained near the Dardanelles before Brutus assembled the Nation on the Island of Lemnos around 504 BC, and they sailed for Britain.

So the Ten Tribes of Israel, (actually there were members of the other two tribes also present) were settled in Western Britain for over 500 years and the Holy Family was seeking refuge with ancient kinsmen in Britain.

All this is well known, well recorded, and proven -see "The King Arthur Conspiracy" published in 2005.

The problem is that a man who had been crucified in Jerusalem in AD 35 came into Britain with The Holy Family, and in due course when the ancient 'Songs of the Graves' listed the names and detailed the places of the graves of some twenty-five illustrious persons it included "the grave of Ner the son of Eli Ner", and this was written in ancient Khumric British language.

It translates into English as "the grave of the Lord God the son of the Holy Lord God", and the account then proceeds to state how he was brutally treated and he was "stretched out on a plank" meaning clearly that he was crucified.

As there is a very clear description of the location of the final grave of Ner-Lord God the son of Eli Ner -Holy Lord God, there is a very clear major religious problem.

The First Christian Church was established in Khumric 'Wales' in AD 35 -"the last year of Tiberius" and this was attested to by Cardinal Baronius, the learned Vatican Librarian, as a direct result of his researches around 1535.

This fact of the early foundation of Christianity in Britain in AD 35 is also stated in the British Histories written by Nennius around AD 800 and by Gildas around 550-600.

This original Apostolic Christianity was taken to Rome from Britain in AD 51 when the Apostolic Christian family of King Caradoc I was taken to Rome.


The first Bishop of Rome was indisputably Linus, and he was a son of King Caradoc I, and Claudia the sister of King Caradoc I married Agricola and she was out on trial for heresy because she refused to worship Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and so on.

Caradoc's daughter the Princess Eurgain married Rufus Pudens who appears in Biblical records and he also left a memorial stone at the Palace of the traitor King Cogidubnus. The evidence is considerable.

This very definitely contradicts the claims of the Church of Rome that Peter and Paul founded the Western Church in Rome, and who both incidentally arrived in Rome at separate times much later. So there is an immediate problem with Roman Catholicism and the original Apostolic Christian Church.

These major problems increase when the detail of the original British Apostolic Christianity stemming directly from the Holy Family and its founder and his followers in Britain is compared with that of Rome.

The Basics of British Ancient History.

In order to understand British History correctly it is necessary to do a little basic research.

This appears to be far beyond the capabilities of most researchers.

It is tiresome and aggravating to read or to view the books and documentary films that are churned out without a shred of credible evidence.

It is more than irritating to read or watch the garbage that so hopelessly over-estimates the boring Romans, and constantly denigrates, abuses, libels, and slanders the highly advanced and developed, culturally developed literate metal-working, civilization of our British Ancestors.

The colossal attacks on the British Nation have gone far too far, and there is a definite reason for this anti-British propaganda warfare.

One reason is that the prophet Jesus the Nazarene is buried in Britain and Western Christianity was founded in Britain in AD 35-37 and taken to Rome later in AD 51, and that virtually demolishes the pretensions of the Church of Rome.

Another reason is that the "lost" Ten Tribes of Israel moved into Western Britain around 500 BC, and they brought the fabled Ark of the Covenant with them.

This fact is not good news for the current Israeli State as 95 % of present day Jews are of Ashkenazi - Khazar Empire descent, who are anciently from Southern Russia, the Crimea, and Bulgaria.

They are Jews only by religion and not by blood descent or race. The proven destination of the Ten Tribes plus remnants of the other Two Tribes in Britain means that that ancient Nation already has a "homeland", and only 5 % of present day Jews can claim an ancient origin in Israel.

Then there is the potent fact that what is incorrectly called 'Wales' is correctly Khumry, and the land of the Khumry was and always was a Kingdom and definitely not a toy Principality as it is perpetually misrepresented by the English.

The near 80 successive Khumric Kings, who ruled from circa 500 BC to AD 1300, included King Arthur I son of Mascen Wledig of circa AD 345 -400, who did defeat the Romans as Soissons -Sassy and kill the Roman Emperor Gratian as Lyons-Lugdumum in 383. The sixth generations later King Arthur II son of King Meurig Maurice, who was born in AD 503 and died in 579, is massively attested.

To pretend that "king Arthur " was a fictional non-existent character is the equivalent of stating that Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Ghengis Khan, were non-existent, totally fictional, folklore and fairy tale characters.

The truth about the massively authentic real British History is damaging to the pretensions of the puppet English Monarchy, and also to ridiculous claims of an "Anglo-SaxonConquest" when the fact is that most of Britain was devastated in a vast catastrophe in AD 562 when debris from a comet caused a scatter of vast explosions and devastations equivalent to a rain of perhaps a hundred Atomic bombs.

There was no Anglo-Saxon Conquest and instead the German peasants were able to move into depopulated slowly recovering empty lands.

In short correct accurate provable British Ancient History is pure poison to the Romans Catholic Church, to the English Monarchy, and to Jewish political ambitions.

It is time to tell the Truth. The whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, for the first time in 100 years.

We are dealing with the biggest pack of political and religious lies in the History of the World, and probably in the Solar System and the entire Galaxy.

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