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BY ALAN HASSELL 20 10 2009

Twenty odd years ago when I started on this so called quest to find King Arthur I never thought or even considered it would reveal a story so fantastic that it if it wasn't true it would appear as if it was an sci-fi fiction story.

The strange thing is that only just recently have the facts started to be analyzed and put to together to make sense in a rational manner.

What happened in AD 562 changed and altered things so dramatically that it could be blamed for the start of what Academics call the Dark Age.

It might of been dark in a few places but don't tell me that nothing happened between AD 562 onwards.

Now let's think about this what happened in AD 562 that was so important to history?

Professors from Cardiff University finally agreed that a comet had struck Britain which had set the Island on fire from end to end.

This had been documented and well known about but was a stumbling block and still is as far as the English Establishment is concerned.

Not one single Academic has done anything about Alan Wilson and Baram Blacketts disclosure of the great comet that hit Britain and set it alight from end to end.

Does that it itself tell you something about the so called people that call themselves Academics?

Why haven't they researched it or are they scared of their so called masters?

Forget about those no hoper's skivers, bums, hippies and drop outs of society who live in cloud cookoo land, they know stuff all and I am going to prove it.

They can't prove anything I can.

The year is AD 562 and imagine if you can your living in that era of time.

Now don't be silly they didn't have newspapers, radio or television in those days but they did have a means of letting everyone know what was going on word of mouth just like we use today.

Believe it or not in the old days people used to watch the heavens to get an idea of what it was going to be like the next day, heard the expression red sky at night?

Well one night or day they saw something that wasn't right and they knew it meant trouble big trouble.

They saw what they thought was an approaching dragon from the skies.

They considered that this was sent by the gods as they had lost faith in the gods and this was sent as a warning.

Hey I should be allowed a little journalistic licence I'm the one telling this story anyway.

We all know from what we have seen and learnt about NASA that a space craft circles the earth a few times before finally splashing down usually in an ocean, a comet could do the same thing before impacting.

But, picture this back in AD 562 people saw the approaching dragon and were terrified what to do if and when this incoming dragon decides to land somewhere and you don't have a clue where it is going to do this.

Now picture this you are a wealthy individual and you're not going to lose your wealth.

There are no banks where you get bonus points rewards or anything for your money so you do the right thing in your eyes and bury it in a safe place where it can be recovered after the danger has gone.

You feel safe in the knowledge that nothing serious is going to happen to you, and you will be able to return and recover your goodies after the dangers passed. WRONG. No one knew at the time the power of what a comet can do as it comes close to Earth they are still working it all out and it's not nice by any means.

Try for one minute what it would be like knowing this dragon was coming from the heaven's to devour you.

What would you do?

Although we're talking about an educated literate civilisation knowing what to do to survive the oncoming danger would have been a difficult situation to solve.

Ok today you have anti H bomb shelters but in that period of time you only had big buildings in which to hide and seek shelter.

Britain after the comet Even that might not be sufficient knowing what we know today from tests of the Hiroshima bomb and recent Tsunamis that were unheard of until recently.

What the historians the Academics the English Establishment and rag and bone men didn't know was the affect of 100 Hiroshima bombs hitting Britain in AD 562 and how it would change history.

Now do a Google and find out what you can about Hiroshima and what happened after the bomb was dropped from Enola Gay.

You won't find a pretty picture and this is why you find both Mallory and Geoffrey of Monmouth talking about wastelands where nothing lived for seven to eleven years.

Just imagine 11 years of nothingness? When people eventually returned to the area everything had changed dramatically.

There would have been 11 winters 11 summers and 11 springs in which to dramatically change the nature and appearance of the topography.

Nothing was like it was before the comet strike and massive loss of life.

It was maybe like visiting London in AD 3700 if it's still here lol you wouldn't recognise it.

The Dark Age is still with us and won't go away for a few more years but the British did record all of this and more during this time so there is no excuse for a DARK AGE Britain.

The thing is it has enormous repercussions' of what is already known and attempted to explain to the general public.

Finally we come to what is going on today and what you the general public should know because it is your history and your heritage and your entitled to know all about it despite those who would rather keep you in the dark, like mushrooms and feed you on horseshit.

All this happened at a given point of time what we do know is that in the 4th century as museums claim several treasures dated to that period of time were found.

midenhall treasure dish First the Mildenhall treasure that had a dish in it with a Star of David engraved into it.

The Water Newton treasure features a dish with Chi-Rho emblems.

water newton treasure These are Christian symbols and Jewish Symbols.

The first migrations into Britain by Albyne in 1600 BC were the ten lost tribes of Israel the Star of David has been a symbol of the Jewish culture and religion to eternity.

The British Museum is supposed to pride itself on the accuracy of what it displays and puts on show for the general public to see, so accurate descriptions should of course appear with the find.

Why is it so difficult for the British Museum to state that the treasure probably belonged to a wealthy Jewish high standing Merchant?

If the finds are Jewish then they certainly are not Anglo-Saxon as they would like you to believe.

Then there is the famous Sutton Hoo Treasure again that famous treasure featured the Star of David on it as shown in the picture below.

dish star david The evidence so far is pointing to a group of very wealthy highly civilised people who were proud to wear and display the Star of David on their possessions.

These people were undoubtedly Jewish and practising Christians at the same time.

If the Museum Staff cannot see commonly known and recognised symbols then they are bound to make mistakes deliberate or otherwise.

If they can make mistakes identifying known objects then it is possible they cannot identify and date and object properly either and classing the treasures as 4th century maybe another cop out to reveal the truth about these so called treasures.

You judge for yourself?

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