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The Major Objective of the Star Map Investigation.

Copyright Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett 2009

There is no Nation that was ever called the Welsh. The tern Welsh come from "wallishe" in Old High German, and it means "strangers".

The correct name is the Khumry. Exhaustive research over 33 years shows that the Khumry were the same people called as Khumry by the Assyrian Emperors in the eight Century BC, and they were the Ten Tribes of Israel.

This correct claim has always been ridiculed by the English.

The detail researches show this origin as the Ten Tribes to be correct, and No-One ever thought or wrote that there were any "Celtic" people in Britain before AD 1714, and this academic nonsense is contrary to all British History.

In circa 790 BC King Ahzariah of Judea attacked King Jehoash of Ten Tribe Israel, and the Judean army was destroyed.

King Jehoash of Israel dragged Ahzariah behind his chariot to Jerusalem and tore down 200 years of the walls, then he took everythng from the Palace and everything from the Temple, and Everything would include the Ark. King Jehoash also took the family of Obed Edom and that family were the long time guardians of the Ark of the Covenant.

Fifty years later in circa 740 BC the Judean King paid a huge bribe to the Assyrian Emperor Tiglathpileser III to get him to attack Ten Tribe Israel, which Tiglathpileser III then did.

The Assyrian attacks persisted under Shalmaneser IV, and again under Sargon II, and finally under Sennachererib, and between 740 -702 BC hundreds of thousands of the Khumry from Ten Tribe Israel were deported north to Western Armenia and areas north of Harran.

One deportation made by Sennacherib and recorded on a pillar stone numbered 202,120 men.

Decipherment of ancient texts that are possible using the Ancient British Alphabet and Language that were brought to Britain by the migration of the Khumry into ancient western Britain, shows that the Ark of Covenant was taken north from Jerusalem to Samaria and north from the city of Samaria in the 740 -702 period of deportations.

It was then taken west when in 687 BC the whole mass of the Khumry Ten Tribes migrated West through the Taurus mountain range and clear across Asia Minor Turkey.

They were at the Dardanelles by circa 650 BC and the Greeks knew the Khumry as the Kimmeroi, and as the Kimmerians.

In circa 650BC half the people went to Italy, and in c 500 BC the other half migrated by sea and land to Britain.

They brought the Ark of the Covenant with them from Israel to Armenia, and then to Lemnos island, and then finally to Britain.

A Greal is a document or record.

The Magna Carta of England in a Greal, and the American Declaration of Independence is a Greal, the Koran is a Great, and the Christian Bible is a Greal, and the two tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments of Moses inside the Ark are a Holy Greal. It is that simple.

The Star Maps of huge mounds on the ground in the Arthurian Kingdom in South East Wales hold the secret.

It was necessary to trace the place of the Mound of the First magnitude Star Regulus, because Regulus is in the Constellation of Leo.

The Lion -Leo is the emblem of Judea and Jerusalem, and therefore together with a whole mass of other researches everything pointed towards the Ark being in an underground chamber in the huge mound of Leo at Ynysybyl.

The FACT is that metal detection shows a Non-ferrous metal object of four feet long, and two feet wide in this vast mound and a metal detector is a machine and machines cannot tell lies.

There are also several obvious ancient drainage sumps that are definitely of the type that were anciently used to keep underground chambers dry in Britain.

The central area of this huge man-made mound is Gollwg - Place of Worship, and the Mound itself is Ynys-Y-Bwl or correctly Ynys-y-Byl or Ynys-y-Bil = Special area (enclosure) of the Ark. There is a great deal of more evidence and everything fits perfectly.

It appears that the local population was annihilated by the Comet strike catastrophe of AD 562, and only remembrances of the place remained amongst survivors.

Secrecy would naturally be preserved against the English down the centuries as it still is, and their different brand of Roman religion, and no foreign Map Maker would be told "byl" or "bil", and instead he would get the misleading "bwl".

None-the-less the object under the man-made mound is certainly the Ark of the Covenant, and as Britain is being steadily politically dismantled this is the time to bring out the truth. There has been no interest whatsoever shown by the Establishment in this Epoch Making Discovery.

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