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This might sound strange but documentation of a Comet is documented and recorded In Tysilio Chronicles and here is part of what is written. At this time a star of amazing size appeared. It had one beam, and on the head of the beam was a ball of fire resembling a dragon; and from the jaws of the dragon two beams ascended, the one towards the extremity of France, and the other towards Ireland, subdividing itself into seven small beams

Uther and all around him, alarmed by such an appearance, enquired of the learned men what it might portend. Merddyn bursting into tear.-, exclaimed, ' Sons of Britain, ye have suffered an irrecoverable loss, ye are widowed of Emrys the Great. But still ye have a king. Haste thou therefore, Uther, and engage the enemy for the whole island shall be thine. For it is thou, Uther, who art signified by this star with the head of a dragon.

By the beam pointing over France is denoted a son of thine, who shall be great in wealth, and extensive in sway, and by that directed towards Ireland, a daughter, whose sons and grandsons shall successively govern the whole.'

Gilda’s and his statement,” 'the fire of righteous vengeance...blazed from sea to sea..once lit it did not die burnt up almost the whole surface of the island”

There is further evidence that a mass evacuation out of Britain did occur yet few people have researched the project enough to realise why Gilda’s who was with King Arthur would want to go there because he is buried behind an altar of Rhys Monastery in Brittany as described in Artorious Rex Discovered by Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett on page 176.

Gilda’s is not the only person mentioned in the book to have died in Brittany either because it stands to logic that if a person moves to another country for some reason or another and dies there he will be buried there according to Christian custom and tradition.

The question is how many of Arthur’s great knights from his mighty army that he took over there are still buried there this needs serious investigation and only adds more evidence that had been previously overlooked by many Arthurian scholars and writers.

Artorious Rex Discovered also mentions the great pestilence in Britain when all plants and vegetation died, and all men, animals, birds, fish and even reptiles, and the whole population fled to Brittany until it was safe to return Page 128 Artorious Rex Discovered.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett knew about this comet strike in 1982 and realised it was dated to the time of the Battle of Camlan which was in AD 562. Although they knew about it did little about it because they were being attacked on all sides by jealous historians out to discredit them.

The same thing happened to Immanuel Velikovsky when he started writing, “Worlds in Collision.” What wasn’t known at the time was that the ancient Welsh Mabinogian was not a collection of stories one would tell to children at bedtime but and encoded book that told of the creation of the World when all the planets were in turmoil with one another.

The only problem was you had to be able to speak Welsh to be able to understand it because in the Welsh language some words can have entirely different meanings so correct translation is essential this why it takes Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett over 350 pages to do it in Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant.

Further discoveries have been made regarding the Sutton Hoo treasure ship which gives further information regarding its origin and the fact that it is British beyond all reasonable doubt.

There are certain objects that were found and are on display at the British Museum that if analyzed correctly link the ship to the Ten Lost tribes of Israel and cannot be disputed.

We know there were two migrations into Britain, one in 1600 BC by the ten lost Tribes of Israel by Albyne, and another in 600 BC by the remnants of Troy under the leadership of Brutas.

There is much written and available on the internet regarding the so called lost tribes who were never lost at all. They knew who they were, where they were and where they were going and finally settled.

Most of what you find on the internet consists of Biblical references to the Ten Lost Tribes and who they were.

Jacob had 12 sons. Each of these sons who each formed a tribe in Israel. These were: Reuben, Shimon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Joseph and Benjamin. Known to history as the 12 Tribes of Israel, these tribes settled on both sides of the Jordan River.

Each Tribe had it own insignia or flag this is also mentioned in the bible and tell how each tribe could be identified by its standard or insignia.

Hmmm who said heraldry started in the middle ages another blot on the English establishment’s lies and fabrications.

Because I am writing a book which is almost complete and ready for publication I am unwilling to place vital evidence in the way of photographs on here for some people to take advantage of and make use of.

But the evidence is in the British Museum for all to see but these days people are unable to see the nose on their faces and are blind to the obvious.

So what proof have I got that I am prepared to share with you?

An early British historian, Camden, stated that the mines of Cornwall had been worked under the direction of Israelites from the Tribes of Asher, Dan, and Naphtali were associated together often, including their camping order in the Wilderness for forty years after the Exodus.

Three tribes are mentioned here but there was another Simeon who according to the Roman's identified this tribe as the so called Silures of Wales.

It must be remembered that the leaders of each tribe were in fact Brothers and had close ties with one another and even brothers have arguments between themselves at times.

One of the items that I photographed were some spoons with the Coelbren Alphabet engraved deeply into the handle and could be translated into English?

I found an interesting passage regarding these spoons and bring it to your attention Here M. Costa ["Hatakh ha-zahav, hotam Shelomoh u-magen-David", Poalim, 1990, Hebrew, pp. 160] wrote that identical Stars of David were found on four out of ten similar silver bowls in the Anglo-Saxon 7th century ship burial at Sutton Hoo, near Woodbridge, Suffolk, England. It was discovered in 1939 and contained a wealth of artefacts.

The question is where are these four silver spoons now and why are they not exhibited along with the other spoons?

Maybe the reason is the engravings on the handle identified members of the lost Tribes of Israel and were removed from view because of political or religious correctness.

This opens up a whole new can of worms because the deeper you delve into this fascinating subject the more sinister it can become in revealing the reason why this is dangerous ground especially where the Roman church is concerned.

It also casts doubt on the legitimacy of the present monarch who reigns in Britain because she can only trace her roots back to Noah whereas the lost tribes of Israel can trace their roots all the way back to Adam and Eve.

There is one object in the treasure that has always intrigued me and was unable to explain its use or origin until now and that is the great leaping hind on the sceptre.

Well I finally can reveal its meaning it was the emblem of the Nephtali tribe and is a clear indication that it identifies the ten lost tribes of Israel too.

If we go back to what Camden stated that the mines of Cornwall had been worked under the direction of Israelites from the Tribes of Asher, Dan, and Naphtali were associated together often, including their camping order in the Wilderness for forty years after the Exodus.

This is clear cut precise information that the Lost tribes of Israel were in Britain long before any Anglo Saxons arrived and history books state how Britain was famous for it metals and trade with the Romans long before the Saxons set foot in Britain.

But that’s not all there’s more evidence that cannot be revealed on here this is just an eye opener to prove that this is not fabricated or invented information.

In the Songs of the Graves there is a passage referring to El Nir and that he is buried in Britain too. El Nir is none other than Jesus and he was bought to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea together with the holy family.

It tells exactly where J.C. was buried too which isn’t good news for the Roman Church especially when its credibility is under attack because of abuses made by priests and bishops against children in their care.

Trying to find more clues to the lost tribes of Israel and a possible candidate for who was buried in the Sutton Hoo ship I did a search and found this site which will give clear indications they were from the line of Abraham and through Levi you get to Moses. person=/en/naphtali,/en/levi,/en/abraham

As you follow the paths of family members you suddenly realise why the Roman Church does not want you to know all of this because it reveals its foundations were built on lies deceit misinformation fraud and even blackmail.

Cross my palm with silver and you will be guaranteed a place in heaven or your soul will rot in hell for eternity.

Why should I concern myself with the Roman Church? I am not religious because no one can tell me who the father of God is even if he did exist we are all born from the original sin there can be no exceptions its scientifically impossible.

There have been too many generations for me to go through and analyse in an attempt to trace who the occupant of the Sutton Hoo Treasure was at this stage, but having connected the ship to the lost tribes of Israel and the tribes who migrated to Britain through Camden proves once and for all that the English will do anything and everything to prove otherwise when the evidence is overwhelming and cannot be avoided or disputed.

The Ten lost tribes were recorded by the British Historian Camden and he names the tribes concerned therefor they were resident in Britain 1600 BC and were British. They were here before the Romans and the Anglo Saxons the truth is plain for all to see.

It is time that this Anglo Saxon nonesense dies a natural death the Conspiracy to conceal the identity of the Sutton Hoo treasure ship has now been EXPOSED and its time for it to be correctly identified.


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