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The Identity of the Khumry - misnamed "Welsh".

There were no Celtic people in Britain, and there never were any Celtic people in Britain.

If the ancient British were "Celtic" then All British History is wrong, and as the British Histories can be substantially proven to be correct then the "Celtic" myth that was invented in AD 1714 is yet another deception and fraud.

There are no other words for this.

The false idea that the Khumry, the Scots, and the Irish is an Anglo-Saxon politically and religiously motivated invention, designed to destroy the ancient histories and to conceal truthful Historical facts that are unpleasant for the propagandas of Rome and London.

The ancient Khumry people were known to the Great Kings and Emperors' of Assyria as the Khumry - Ten Tribes of Israel.

This is the fact, and one million strong Khumry never got lost as they always knew who they were and where they were.

In Britain the Khumry always claimed to be the Ten Tribes, that is before London began to dominate and seize control of "education" or should one say mis-education.

The invaluable Ancient British Alphabet assists in the accurate tracing of our British Ancestors by following the Alphabet inscription trails along the migration trail.

These Khumry people were subjected to mass deportations from Israel by successive Assyrian Emporors Tiglathpileser III, Shalmaneser IV, and Sennacherib between 740-702 BC.

Their Alphabet is found on baked clay tablet texts excavated at the Assyrian imperial city of Nineveh.

In c 786 BC when Sennacherib was murdered in a temple by his two sons a civil war erupted in Assyria as the heir Esarhaddon fought the murderers who were his two half brothers.

The Khumry Ten Tribes people seized the opportunity and took off from Western Armenia going west across both branches of the Upper Euphrates river and through the Taurus mountain range.

This is well described in the Esdras Book II, Chapter 14. The Assyrians persuaded their Northern allies the Scythians to pursue the Khumric Ten Tribes and battles ensued as the Khumry moved westwards.

In Asia Minor the Khumry were known to the Greeks as the Kimmeroi and the Kimmerians, and by 650 BC their unstoppable hoards had reached the Dardanelles and besieged the capital city of Sardis.

Half the people then migrated to Etruria - Italy, and the other half remained in known named places until in c 504 BC when after continuous Greek pressure they allied with the Trojan remnants under Brutas to gain an opportunity.

The Khumry then assembled with the Trojans on the Isle of Lemnos to sail for Britain, and this is British History is proved by the existence of a large inscribed stone written in the Ancient Coelbren Alphabet that was found in Lemnos in AD 1876 that is now in the Athens Museum. Greek Histories match the British History and so the long journey of the Khumry-Ten Tribes ended. Some remnants of the Khumry remained in western Asia Minor to reach the Dardanelles by 650 BC, half the people migrate to Italy in 504 BC the remainder gather on Lemnos Island with the Trojans and sail their fleets to Britain. On the way they pick up three other groups of migrants who would include the Cornish under Corineus, and probably Hwiccae of Worcestershire. The Khumry (miscalled "Welsh") retained their ancient language and the same ancient Alphabet, and all the anti-British propaganda that has endlessly streamed out of Rome and London for centuries will not obliterate that fact.

The huge scatter of ancient texts inscribed in this Khumric Alphabet and Language proves Ancient British History to be absolutely correct.

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