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AD 1714 - Disaster for British History as English import German Hanoverian family

The final disaster for British Ancient history came in AD 1714 when the English imported the German Hanoverian family of the elector of Hanover as their puppet kings and Queens..

From this moment onwards everything historical had to be both politically and religiously redesigned into a suitably acceptable form to promote the new Germanism in England in particular and Britain as a whole..

Few people read the publication of the 19th century deliberately designed to popularise the German ideals..

The one-quarter Welsh King Henry VII of England had a sister who married a Scots King, and later a descendant of this marriage married an Elector of Hanover. So when the throne of England passed from the Tudors to the Scots Stuarts, and there was a problem on there being no heirs to the throne from Queen Anne and from Queen Mary and William of Orange, the Parliament had a bright idea and invited the German George, the Elector of Hanover, to be King of England..

From this time onwards the centuries of assaults upon all Ancient British History, Heritage, and Culture, accelerated and increased. Everything British had to go..

The numerous, strong, culturally advanced British Nation had to be transformed into primitive tribes of uneducated barely civilized peasant barbarians..

The German origins of the Anglo-Saxons needed to be promoted and extolled..

The periodic local controls of parts of Britain by the Romans had to be expanded to a period of 400 years of imaginary total domination of what was now invented as "Roman Britain"All the British Dynasties had to be eliminated..

Brutus was expelled from reality as the new political doctrine was that the city of Troy never ever existed, and it was only a fictional fairytale imaginary place that existed only in the mind of Melisigenes-Homer and therefore ALL Ancient British History that included Brutus the great grandson of Aeneas of Troy was fictional..

The earlier arrival of Albyne into Britain was dismissed as legendary..

The vast body of written British historical evidence was by-passed and everything was declared to be a massive forgery, and where this smear was not possible the records were declared to be muddled and confused..

In an out-of-date society where there are still noble and royal pecking orders of social precedence, it is embarrassing for English nobility to have descendants of King Iestyn ap Gwrgan around, who therefore descend from King Arthur II and Arthur I, and from the Emperor Magnus Maximus, and from Caesar Crispus, and Constantine the Great, and so on, and who also claim direct descent from what is called The Holy Family..

In 1846 in what Welsh Nationalists called The Treachery of the Blue Books, (Blue covered books were reports to the London Parliament) every Khumric Welsh school- teacher in Wales was sacked and replaced by an Englishman. The chaos of all the children speaking only Welsh and their teachers speaking only English and the quite barbaric methods used to enforce English are still remembered. The objective was to make it impossible for anyone to read the records.

The control of publishing was accomplished quite easily. Publishing began in London in AD 1474 and Parliament simply prohibited any publishing in Wales until 1692 and the damage was done..

Several English Kings had previously passed laws prohibiting anyone in Wales from owning writing materials and paper, so the tactics were following a known pattern..

The control of information is in fact a major weapon of the London Government even today. .

To give one well know example. In the 1930's the English "prince" of the Kingdom of Wales (German actually as since the Hanoverian and Scottish marriage of 300 years earlier no British person had married into the "English" royal family), who was Edward soon to be King Edward VIII. This Prince Edward was attached to an American lady who was twice divorced, and both of them regularly visited Nazi Germany..

Edward was filmed sitting in the front row at vast Nazi meetings listening enthusiastically to Adolf Hitler ranting and raving. He was filmed walking in the front rank of a Nazi parade through city streets surrounded by high ranking Nazi Party leaders, and he actually gave the Nazi salute, and so on. Not one word of this and no photographs ever appeared in any British Newspapers of Magazines, nor did any of the popular cinema Pathe News editions ever show an film of this. The British Public were kept like cultivated mushrooms, in a dark cellar and fed on cattle manure..

During the war this dangerous idiot, who had abdicated as King, was made a nominal Brigadier in the army. Here he had access to secretive information, and, although he knew well that Mussolini's Italy was Germany's political ally, early in the war he actually informed the Italian Ambassador of the disposition of the British and French armies in Europe. How much this affected the Nazi plans to strike through the centre of the Ardennes and split the British and French armies is unclear, but it did not assist the allies. One television program blamed him squarely. In the event this serving officer in the army was on holiday in the south of France after the allied collapse and Dunkirk and he then removed himself to Portugal..

Finally he was packed off to the small island of Nassau in the Caribbean as the Governor. The point is that all this was kept totally secret from the British Public for well over 50 years..

Sky TV has shown the film titled "The Traitor King" a few times, but it is very unlikely that that great organ of information and education, the BBC will ever show this interesting film. The BBC State Radio Monopoly played a major role in the final onslaughts against the authentic, accurate, and provable, Ancient British Histories, in the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. .

No other radio stations were allowed to broadcast until well into the 1970's and when Television arrived the BBC TV was again a State Monopoly and in this way what was told to the British Public was still highly selective and carefully controlled. The assaults made over the airways against ancient British Historical records were nothing other than a National disgrace..

One thing always remained a huge problem for the control freaks of the Church and the London Establishment. That was the gigantic figure of "King Arthur", and no matter that they did he simply would not go away..

First they tried to remove "King Arthur" (both of them) out of Khumric Wales and into England, and place a set of bovine bones in Glastonbury Abbey that was founded in AD 941 some 418 years after Arthur II died, and around 541 years after Arthur I died. This is NOT the Glastenburi of centuries earlier in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, and even that other Glastonburi is dated over two hundred years after Arthur II..

This works with American tourists and English nationalists. Then they simply stated, with the aid of the BBC and the English Universities, that all the British Histories were forged and false and therefore a King Arthur in those histories was also a historical fake. They then encouraged a thinking that King Arthur (both of them) was a legendary figure, then he was a fairy tale figure and finally with the aid of an American buffoon writer Arthur became a comic figure of fun. This combined with the State control of education and the suitably forged "official" versions of the new order bogus Histories actually finally worked. The latest frantic antic of the Anglo-Saxon monarchists is to re-date all the 200 plus ancient royal stones in Wales..

They have already tried mistranslation. So when an ancient stone names King Ithael and St Illtyd and Arthmael –Iron Bear –Arthur II, and we know that Arthur II died in 579 and his first cousin St Illtyd buried him, and the brothers King Ithael and King Morgan succeeded Arthur II, it is a complete nonsense to take this stone of around AD 580 and re- date it to AD 850-900. This complete fraud is going on uninterrupted across Wales as the "authorities" have realized that people are taking note of the Wilson and Blackett Researches and looking at these stones as evidence..

When Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett decided to begin publishing in 1981 they stirred up a veritable can of worms, or a nest of snakes, and the London Establishment and the Church reacted to the threat of the truth becoming known. .

Now the politicians and the religionists have bigger problems. They have to prevent the World from knowing of the catalogue of gross illegalities and serious criminality that they have perpetrated against Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett..

They also have the problem of there being a modern system of international information and communication that will allow for the entire story of how these political and religious villains and cheats have destroyed British History and with that they have obliterated the vital evidence to decipher other ancient historical texts in Etruria Italy, in Asia Minor, in Palestine, and in Egypt and America. The Internet is a system of freedom that they cannot control. Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett had no idea whatsoever of the depth of the evil and corruption in this gigantic political and religious conspiracy when they began their detailed researches in 1976. When anyone states that there is no such thing as Conspiracies then he is either a complete uninformed fool or else a total liar..

The fact is that the British were unfortunate when debris from a comet devastated and destroyed much of Britain and the powerful Arthurian State in AD 562..

The academics of the United Kingdom will try to despise the evidence of the comet of AD 562 that came from the North East going South West..

At this time the American historians and archaeologists working in Bolivia know, state, and prove, that the Bolivian civilization that built cities and towns, fortresses and pyramids, roads and everything that any developed civilization made, was utterly destroyed by a comet coming from the North East and going South West in AD 562. Exactly as in Britain the population was decimated and the lands were diseased and uninhabitable for around ten years..

We have a Comet in the same year going in the same direction, and destroying both Bolivia and Britain with the same results. Anyone is free to get a globe or a map of our Planet Earth and draw in line from North East to South West across from Britain to Bolivia..

So beginning with Brutus, the great grandson of Aeneas of Troy, arriving in Britain around 500 BC up to Iestyn ap Gwrgan - Justin son of Aurelian - who was deposed in AD 1091, we have 76 successive Welsh-Khumry Kings. The last Welsh King was Morgan who was murdered by Edward I of England in AD 1300..

The English claim that Wales is or ever was a "principality" is total hog wash and so is the title "prince" in the Khumric Welsh Kingdom..

This is bad news for the Hanoverian Monarchy in England, as the nonsense of Edward I of England creating his second son Edward II (eldest was Alfonso) as the "prince" of Wales is exposed. The Church wants to be rid of this Bad News History, and so does the London Establishment.

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