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The Great Deception.

Here we exhibit a gigantic fraud and deception that should in itself be enough to totally demolish the incorrect propaganda that our British Ancestors were primitive barbarians.

In AD 311 when Constantine the Great left Brtain to seize the Roman Empire his kinsman King Euddaf- Octavius began a war against Constantine's lieutenant in Britain.

By 322 all of Britain was under the control of Euddaf and his allies and Britain was once again independent of Rome.

When the sons of Constantine the Great and his second wife Fausta fought and killed each other there was an era of several successive Western Emperors who were mainly active in Gaul and with apparent British support.

Three of the most prominent of these Western Emperors left memorial stones in Western Britain near large mounds.

All three are traceable in ancient British genealogies.

The rightful heir to the Roman Empire was Magnus Clemens Maximus who was the only son of Crispus Flavius Nobilis Caesar the eldest son of Constantine the Great by his first wife the British Princess Minerva, was in Britain, where he married a British Princess named Ceindrech the daughter of Rheiden.

He had sons named as Arthun -Arthur I, Ednyfed, and Owain Ffindu, and in AD 383 Magnus invaded Gaul with Arthur I as his general.

A major battle was fought at 'Sassy' Soissons where the Emperor Gratian was defeated, and Arthur I killed Gratian at Lyons.

All of western Europe and north Africa went over to Magnus as the rightful Emperor.

Arthur, who was known as King of Greece, I went through Switzerland and Italy and crossed over into the Balkans where he fought two major battles at Sisica and Poetovio against the Emperor Theodosius of Constantinople, and was forced to return to Britain.

Magnus Maximus was surprised at Ravenna and killed after a rapid surprise march made by Theodosius' troops, Theodosius sent his general into Britain and he withdrew in great haste after a few months, and Britain still remained independent under her own kings.

Then in AD 406 a massed confederation of the Vandals, Sueves, and Alans, crossed the Rhine under King Godigeisel, and proceeded to destroy the Roman army and to devastate Gaul.

The British sent a King Constantine, also traceable in the genealogies and who was a cousin of Arthur I, with an army to invade Gaul with his general Geraint.

The British proceeded to defeat the Vandals, Sueves, and Alans, and King Constantine set himself up at Treves.

The Vandal confederation was penned down south in Gaul against the Pyrenees, and Geraint pleaded with Constantine to gather the army from its spread policing duties in Gaul and to attack Honorius III and seize Rome.

As Constantine prevaricated Geraint opened the passes of the Pyrenees and the Sueves and Alans streamed south to seize much of Spain, whilst the Vandals crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and seized all North Africa and mad Carthage their capital.

Alaric the Goth took advantage of this situation and he invaded Italy and seized Rome, and looted the city unmercifully before marching south towards Sicily.

In this fraught situation the weak Emperor Honorius II wrote a letter to the citizens of Rhegium in Brittium the Roman Province of the toe of Italy, and Honorius warned these Southern Italian citizens that Alaric was approaching and that he could do nothing to help them.

They were on their own. The people of Rhegium in Brittium in Italy were in luck however and Alaric caught a fever and died.

The motionless Constantine III was caught at Treves and killed by a Roman army and Honorius III survived.

The historians Zosimus and Olympidorus both record all this.

Now London politics enters the arena, with the powerful British state independent of Rome and a British war King sitting in Gaul the false propaganda is that the letter sent by Honorius to Rhegium near the Strait of Messina, was instead sent to the weak helpless citizens of Great Britain.

It is difficult to image a greater deliberate falsehood and deception than this that has been foisted onto the unsuspecting people of Britain.

This falsehood that had succeeded in blotting out the FACT that from AD 322 Britain was free from Rome, and that for most of the preceding 280 years Britain was also independent of Rome has been successfully obscured and British History has been totally distorted.

In Britain the descendants of Arthur I are very well documented and his great grandson Teithfallt-Theodosius became top King, followed by King Theoderic-Tewdrig, King Maurice -Meurig, and then by King Arthur II and his descendants.

There were NO Dark Ages in Britain.

The fact is that the best and most copiously recorded Dynasty in Western Europe and probable everywhere else has been deliberately eliminated by academic fraud.

It all goes back to the language and Alphabet barriers and the inability to communicate in Britain.

The ridiculous notion that there ever was a "Roman Britain" for around 400 years needs to be exposed as the absurd archaeological fantasy that it is. It never happened and this can be proved.

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