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The Discovery of the ARK of the COVENANT

No single individual owns treasures that belong to the Nation and should be housed in ,museums for all to see. The intention of this is to protect historical sites from individuals out seeking fortunes from information we have supplied. Before you read this we suggest that you at least look at these three videos on youtube first then judge for yourself. This is the real thing Alan Hassell is a well known and respected international treasure hunter and writer. He had many articles published in Australian Gold and Treasure Hunter magazine promoting the hobby of Shallow Water Metal Detecting from 1981 - 1993. He pioneered shallow water metal detecting in Australia in 1982 and also in the UK in 1991-2. He has over 40 years metal detecting experience behind him. Although he is seen detecting here he leaves the digging to professionals because any treasure belongs to the nation not to just one man. THE DISCOVERY OF THE ARK OF THE COVENANT IN WALES. This major discovery come about after 35 years of detailed historical Research. We have in Britain a vast array of ancient historical evidence that was abandoned in a wild campaign of political and religious enthusiasm in the 19th Century. These researches have concentrated on the most Ancient of our British (English & Welsh) histories, making use of the multitude of archaeological and historical discoveries that have been made in the past two centuries. The abandoned History of England begins with the migration into Britain of Albyne from Ur in ancient Mesopotamia Syria around 1500-1350 BC. Evidence that was not recovered until 1922 -34 and later shows that this ancient British record is substantially correct. The 18th & 19th Century academic demolition of our History was unjustified. The same applies to the later migration led by Brutus around 500 BC from “Trojan” areas in what is now Western Turkey. That Brutus arrived in Britain is also proven beyond dispute, and again the19th Century destructive obsession with Anglo-Saxons and Empire was a crime. The key to all this lies in a detailed examination of the evidence dug up at Ur by Leonard Wooley 1922-1934, and significant discoveries made by many others including Austin Layard at Nineveh in 1846. These finds plus our ancient British Coelbren Alphabet provide the vital clues upon which to work. The Coelbren Alphabet lies scattered all along our ancient ancestral migration trails. A 30 foot (10metres) long shroud was found wrapped around a mummy in Egypt and this Zagreb shroud in plastered with Coelbren. The two Copper Scrolls found at Qumran are inscribed in Coelbren. The Ten Tribes of Israel were known to the Assyrian Emperors as the Khumry around 740-700 BC. They had the Ark with them after King Jehoash removed it from Jerusalem in circa 790 BC. There are readable Coelbren inscriptions scattered through Turkey marking the route of our ancestors from western Armenia from 687 BC to c 650 BC. The Greeks called these Khumry as the “Kimmeroi”. A major Coelbren inscribed stone was found on the island of Lemnos in1876 which describes the fleets gathering there to sail to the great green island out in the western Ocean -Britain in the Atlantic -exactly as our Histories state. In short we can now read these “indecipherable” texts all along our Historical ancestral migration trail. The Coelbren Alphabet is the Alphabet described by Julius Caesar around 55 BC. It exists on many ancient stones in Britain, notably the stone of King Gorddwfyn the Exile of around AD 200, and others in Wales,England and Scotland. Dafydd ap Gwilym (died AD 1367) mention it,as did six other known bards between AD 1420 to 1480. A north Wales Bard -Rhys Goch of Oswestry- wrote a whole poem lampooning this South Wales preserved Alphabet in1582. The fact is that there are some 14,000 Etruscan inscriptions in Italy and a handful in ancient Rhaetia (Switzerland), and everyone attempted so far reads out correctly using the Coelbren Alphabet and the Khumric Language. The Agnone Tablet bronze plate from Etruria is of massive historical importance as it describes the three journeys of our ancestors WITH the Ark (1) from Egypt to Palestine,(2) deported from Israel to Armenia (3) from Armenia to the Dardanelles. It becomes clear and obvious that the Khumry are the “lost” Ten Tribes of Israel. NO ONE ever thought that anyone in Britain was Celtic before AD 1714. Another Anglo-Saxon fabrication. Once it was known that the Ark was in Britain since around 500 BC the search could be organized. Suffice it to say that there are two gigantic Star Maps made of huge earth mounds one spread out across Glamorgan & Gwent and the other in Pembrokeshire. These mounds are placed and often named to match the pattern of the major Stars in the heavens. A huge research plan was set up, and this finally brought results. It was reasoned that Regulus the huge star in Leo the Lion marked the Lion Emblem of Jerusalem and so that was where the Ark might be found,This turned out to be the case, The evidence there is conclusive. Metal detection shows a non-ferrous metal object around 4 feet by 2 feet and that is the dimension of the gold lid of the Ark. There are four drains from at least four underground chambers. A Greal is an important record, and so Magna Carts,the American Declaration of Independence, the Koran, the Bible, the United Nations Charter, would all be Greals. The Holy Greal is the Ten Commandments on the two stone tablets placed in the Ark by Moses. Detailed Books have been written describing this Research to preserve copyrights and publication has begun. Ludicrous allegations from North Wales that the Coelbren Alphabet and its ciphers preserved by Llewellyn Sion of Glamorgan around AD 1530 are forgeries have caused huge damage to our impeccably authentic Ancient British History. This restoration of our Heritage will be of great value to the British Nation and to the wider world in which we live. The preposterous modern notion that we have the most monstrous forgery in the universe, put together over some 2000 years by thousands of scholars, and complete with ancient palaces, fortresses, inscribed stones, battlefields, churches, and tombs, is ludicrous. All that we have is a provably impeccably authentic and accurate Ancient National British History. Already thousands of members of the public are fully aware of this conspiracy and cover up initiated by the BBC and others. Over 170 10 minute videos covering this event have been viewed by thousands if not millions thanks to the use of embedders. Just like no one can country can stop Wikileaks youtube and have started the same in British History. Names and reputations are now at risk having been exposed on a grand scale. heres is a link to see how big this issue has become and its time to come clean and expose crooks who protect crooks. A certain Paul Barford is an Archaeologist living in Poland who goes around detecting forums spreading his vile hatred for metal detectorist then reports them to PAS. He is what is know in gangland terms a grass an informer not a very good one at that. He has accused us of deliberately inciting metal detectorists to raid the sites that we have tried to protect since 1994. This insidious excuse for a human being even misread the cross that was found at St.Peters super Mortem in Wales which incidently is owned by Alan Wilson. For 30 years Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett have beein in touch with the Welsh authorities in order to get these sites recognised and protected to no avail. A certain Gareth Dowdell who left school at 16 with no formal qualificationa. He remedied this by awarding himself a bogus BA Honours Degree from Southampton University. His colleague Director of the "Trust" ??? was Professor W.H.Manning. Manning of Cardiff University Archaeology Dept has qualifications BUT not relevant He has a Ph.D,and a B.SC in CHEMISTRY. Expensive Books DVDs and other information has been sent in streams by us to politicians and bureaucrats in Wales. These are never acknowledged and sometimes/often returned unopened. The Criminal activities of James Callaghan and George Thomas in Wales needed to be concealed. Masses of information has been passed to the Politicians,institutions,and relevant authorities in Wales, since 1982. None of them are willing to meet with us. Alan Wilson drove 350 miles from Newcastle on Tyne to Cardiff for an arranged meeting. This with the Minister responsible in the Welsh Assembly. When Alan arrived he found that no allocation of Parking Space had been made in the Visitors car Park. He then told that the Minister had changed her mind. She wanted to listen to a debate in the Assembly instead. Alan said he would see her after the Debate, The response was that she intended going home to her family. So Alan Wilson drove 350 miles back to Newcastle. For over 30 years Wilson and Blackett have made every effort and attempt to make the Welsh Authorities aware they were sitting on a tourist industry that could offer 30,000 jobs where work is much needed. The Welsh Authorities have been pulling the wool over the London establishment for years in order to keep and maintain the Government Grants. As a result Wilson and Blackett have had their names and reputations smeared simply for writing true history books depicting the Real History of Britain, not the invented one foisted by the English Establishment. there are over 170 Videos on another 180 on The evidence is in the ancient british documents would hundreds of writers who wrote the history documents have conspired with one another to create a FAKE history as the English claim? Right now they still refuse to come to the table to talk and in the meantime the worlds public and media are looking on and trying to decide whats the truth. All Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett wanted is someone in authority to get off his big fat arse, dig a hole and show the world whats at the bottom of it. Under the treasure trove acts the finders are entitled to 50% of the value but how can you value priceless relics like the ARK, the tabernacle, King Arthur, and the cross that jesus was cruxified on? The Diabolical thing is these historians and archaeologists are also missing out on three other very important treasures that are to be found in England. The nation can have its treasures but they have to recognise real british history in the process.

A special thanks should go to Paul Barford British archaeologist living and working in Warsaw Poland. Since the early 1990s a primary interest has been research on artefact hunting and collecting and the market in portable antiquities in the international context. He spends most of his time Blogging at he is also a big distorter of the truth where alan wilson baram blackett alan hassell and Helen fish are all attemting to protect ancient historical treasure sites by bringing them to the publics attention. Paul Barford who is supposed to be protecting historical sites is blatenly advertising them on his blog site and in doing inciting metal detectorists to raid and pillage these sites. This is a very irresponsible thing to do when this person gives the impression he is working with PAS and yet is not listed on their staff? This raises the question about Paul Barfords qualifications as a responsible Archaeologist. He himself gives us a clue as to his true being in that he states primary interest has been research on artefact hunting and collecting... So this guys a collector? That say's it all he is motivated out of jealousy for a start, attempting to incite others to raid and pillage ancient historical sites and put the blame on Alan Wilson, Baram Blackett and Alan Hassell. But that one wont work because all three have known about these sites since 1994 and have had ample opportunities to dig whatevers there up. His conduct as a professional archaeologist is questionable because he visits numerous metal detecting forums gleaming information from them hoping one day he will hit the jackpot and get lucky as a collector. I wonder if his superiors are aware of his current activities and the mischief and lies he is speading about other people. check out youtube for lucylastik60 and see the hard work put in by real historians.

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