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More information about the Camelot site

By Alan Hassell and Alan Wilson and Baram Blacket.

1. The buried Palace was always known to the people of South East Wales as the walls stick up through the turf. The site is called Caer Meade and it lies one mile North West of the town centre of Llanilltydfawr – Lantwit Major, in South East Wales.

2. The decision to make a careful excavation was taken in 1883 when several groups across South Wales were becoming active.

3. The Palace buildings cover approx 4 ˝ acres. The entire complex inside the perimeter walls covers eleven acres, so it is a huge historical site.

4. There were 32 rooms known to have existed and could be more.

The building had been badly burned when it was destroyed. One room is 61 feet by 51 feet, and its walls are still over nine feet. Another room is 39 feet by 27 feet, there are mosaics on the floors and murals on the walls.

5. The walls stand 9 feet to 11 feet high under the ground. The great palace was built around AD 150 by King Owen the son of King Cyllin (known as St Sillian of St Sillian's church) according to the remarkably accurate South East Wales Histories.

It was later rebuilt or added to by King Meyrig (Meurig-Maurice) the son of Meirchion, and situated near Boverton which is in the parish of Lantwit Major.

Quote- “He built a Palace at a place called Boverton which has ever since been called one of the chief Royal residences of the country.”

6. Some rooms have quality mosaics on the floors, and murals painted on the walls are of very high quality.

7. A number of skeletons of human and horses were found in the 39 feet by 27 feet room were 27 human skeletons and the bones of three horses.

8. As the dig proceeded the London Government became alarmed, and they send “men in suits” – Welsh version of Government officials, to S.E. Wales and ordered the digging to stop. The Palace was carefully recovered with earth and turfed over. Clearly the London Government of the “united”? Kingdom did not want any evidence of any Welsh Kings.

9. The Story that the London Government put about was that the Palace had been destroyed in AD 293, when King Carawn was assassinated by Alectus – Eleath.

King Carawn was also known as the Emperor Carausius, who ruled the western on third of the Roman Empire jointly with Diocletian and Maximinian. King Carawn was known as Carausius the Admiral, and he ruled Britain and Gaul from around AD 276 to 283. He had large fleets of ships and the Romans were kept out of Britain.

Alectus is remembered from Maes Aleg – the Fields of Alectus now called Bassalleg between Cardiff and Newport. All the locals knew the story. He was persuaded by the Romans to murder King Carawn, and the Romans took advantage of thick fog to elude the British fleets and they succeeded in putting some soldiers ashore. Alectus was then murdered himself, and soon Casnar Wledig was ruling as King, known to the Romans as Chrysanthus the Legate.

10 There is no evidence to prove the great Palace was destroyed when King Carawn or Crair, known as Carausius was attacked. The BBC2 Time Watch programme came up with “Britain’s No.1 expert on Carausius”, who stated that there was zero evidence of Carausius in Britain. This English Gentleman failed to know that Carausius who was also King Carawn the Admiral, the hereditary British King. He tried to make out he was non-existent.

He did not even know that the gravestone of King Carawn was found at Pen Machno and that it is in Carmarthen Museum. What amazing cheek, and BBC2 were very very unhappy when we wrote to them to tell them about it, and they said that, “no one else had complained?

10. In 1938, some 70 years ago, a secretive trial dig was made by archaeologists form Aberystwyth University, in North Wales- the enemies- and not from the much larger local Cardiff and Swansea Universities. They found six more skeletons and later had the bright idea of Carbon dating the relics from the site.

11. The dates of the Radio Carbon 14 tests came out around the mid Sixth Century and that means AD 562 when all of Britain and much of Ireland was devastated by debris from a Comet. This is of immense importance as you also have noted. Anyone from North Wales would not want a King identified in South Wales, nor would they want the Royal Palace Identified.

12. This means that this huge Royal Palace was still standing and in use during the reign of King Arthur II. The immediate king of this era were King Theodosius (Taithfallt) died around AD 485, then his son King Theoderic (Tewdrig) died AD 508, then his son King Maurice (Meurig) who died at a great age circa AD 570, and then his son Arthur II (Arthmael-Iron Bear) who was born AD 503 and died in 579.

13. This means there was a great Royal Palace in South East Wales during the 6th century and in use during the reign of King Arthur II. A puntative “Camelot” and this is magnificent solid evidence of this fact.

The English do not like the FACT that the British Kings continued in Britain right through the phantom “Roman Period” that has been invented by English Archaeologists. So they need to obliterate King Carawn as well as all other Kings.

14. The academic line is that the six skeletons found in 1938 were buried at a much later date than when the Palace was destroyed. This is an attempt to preserve the date of AD 293 and it is BULL and we know it and you do too.

15. The Academic line is that it was a “Roman Villa” and the Khumric Histories proclaim that it was a Royal Palace built by King Owen. Everything depends on when it was destroyed and the Comet Catastrophe of AD 562 looks like the favourite date. 16. It must also be remembered that when the first dig took place and 1888 and in 1938 no archaeologists would of been aware of the Comet Strike or the damage that had caused the destruction of The Royal Palace.

Alan wilson would of joined but like me does not really have the time but i thought some of you at least might appreciate a little real history instead of the rubbish the establishment hands out.

He will however share some information with you but dont expect him to answer any requests. YOU CAN LOCATE THE SITE ON Google Earth 51 25 08 89 N and 3 29 55 47 W

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