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Where on earth would be be without out wonderful Academics who spend years attending very expensive universities and after three or fours years know even less than when they started.

But come graduation day when they get their prized documentation for being a clever girl or boy they recieve their well earned piece of dunny paper and set forth to make a big name for themselves armed with a load of Bullshit under one arm and an abundance of ignorance under the other.

Like robots they enter the world of Academia like well versed puppets with one eye. They were taught that the Anglo-Saxons were dominant force to be reckoned with and the most powerful warriors of advanced interlect and knowledge.

Anglo Saxons were masters of metal work and could produce the most elaborate pieces of Jewellry such as featured in the Sutton Hoo treasure ship.

Despite being illiterate barbarian pagan's these so called Anglo Saxons had a mad passion for anything religious or having writing on it especially if it were in Latin.

Learned Professors who work on a Television program called,"Time Team" love to dress up in glary multi coloured jumpers that were probably made from the remnants of 20 or more jumpers retrieved from rubbish bins or skips.

Well let's face it These guys are professional scroungers, masters of the Rag and Bone Trade and specialist Grave Robbers. As such they have their own unique dress code exclusive to Archaeologists in particular.

For example Phil Harding not only sounds like Wurzel Gummage, (country bumkin sort of guy) he also looks like one with the typical scarecrow appearance that hasn't dried out for the previous nights soaking. He certainly cannot afford the price of a haircut hehehe

Now these guys are so smart and intelligent they automatically can tell if anything they find or recover is either Roman or Anglo Saxon.

Now what was that guy's name? bedrock, baldrock, or balldrick, you know the funny guy who used to be a court jester? Just as well he wasn't around in Henry VIII's day he might of lost his head if he didnt amuse Henry.

They might find some relics they attribute to so called Celts, if you only knew who this race of people were because until AD 1714 this race of people had only just come in on the imaginary migration trails that they have in their thick sculls. Before that date Everything was British, then again these guys are English or Saxon? or German? confused? dont worry they are too.

Now if it wasnt for 22 idiots chasing a ball around a field jousting in a tournament in a game called soccer they might of been called British instead of English. Mind you, you have to forgive these poor souls for their ignorance as unless the material they read is in comic form they fail to comprehend anything that was written earlier as they suffer from a rare vision disorder called blindness of the past and relevant.

Did you know that they even stuff up the most accurate method of dating called radio carbon 14?

Instead of accepting the results they make mathamatical calculations to collaborate the dates to make them more accurate.

This is done because the Greeks messed up things with the dating of Egyptian history and Academic Tossers have not worked out why they have to redate everything hehe.

Be aware that not all English Academics are total idiots because there some French ones too..

On in particular a little french guy name J.F. Champollion who at the age of 22 is supposed to have worked out a way of translating the Egytian Heiroglyphs using Three languages. What race of people ever used three languages to get their message across? stuns the imagination but what do you expect from a FROG

The Egyptians must of had a language of their own called gobble de gook using three languages when most people only use one language to serve their purpose.

So the academics dont know the secret language that translates the Heiroglyphs perfectly because the scum bags destroyed in and deprived the Welsh of their native Coelbren alphabet in Richard the firsts time.

Now get this if everyone is following Champollions lead and using his method of translation imagine the giant cock ups that have been made and continue to be made through ignorance and stupidity.

Support you local Academic because this country needs them to keep the balance of power.

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